47 Cars & Trucks from 'Captain America' For Sale

Marvel Studios is putting 47 different cars and trucks from its upcoming 'Captain America' movie up for auction - own and drive a piece of the movie for less than $10,000.

1937 Chevrolet Four Door Stunt Taxi from Captain America

At some point in his life every boy has wanted to own some version of the famous Batmobile or dreamed of cruising around in some other vehicle they saw in a movie. In general, most people can never own a piece of vehicular cinematic history due to price or practicality - until now.

Marvel Studios recently announced they plan on selling almost every vehicle used during filming of Captain America: The First Avenger at an auction held in England, which will be facilitated by the auctioneers Historics at Brooklands.

There are a total of 53 vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, ambulances and school buses and some even include movie paraphernalia such as logos and actual bullet holes.

Auctioning off equipment and props used for a film isn't a new idea and has been done before by other studios. However, what Marvel Studios is doing by making this MANY vehicles from one movie available to the general bidding public is unprecedented. There are three other factors regarding this auction that make it truly unique:

  • Each vehicle is authentic, is restored and was ACTUALLY used in the film - there are no replicas being sold.
  • With the exception of one truck, every vehicle is estimated to sell for under $10,000 - most are valued around the $3500 - $4500 range.
  • Most vehicles have little or no reserve.

You might be wondering why Marvel Studios would want to sell off the vehicles they spent good money putting together and customizing. The answer is pretty simple - Captain America director Joe Johnston and executive producer Nigel Gostelow are both passionate classic car fans. Says Gostelow:

"I, along with our director, Joe Johnston, are both avid 'petrol heads', and so historical accuracy was vitally important to us. When it comes to movie production, the settings need to look and feel real, and these cars played a large part in that process."

Historics at Brooklands will hold the open auction on March 3rd, 2011 and you can bid on any vehicle of your choosing by telephone or through an online bidding process - even if you don't live in England. If you are interested in seeing pictures of the cars' interiors and engines, then be sure to check out Historics at Brooklands' website . We've posted the profiles of the seven most interesting-looking vehicles below with the remaining forty in a gallery on the next page.

1937 Chevrolet Four Door Stunt Taxi

1937 Chevrolet Four Door Stunt Taxi from Captain America

1938 International Harvester D Range Panel Van

1938 International Harvester D Range Panel Van from Captain America

1941 Chevrolet Half-Ton Short Bed Pick Up Truck

1941 Chevrolet Half Ton Short Bed Pick Up Truck from Captain America

1942 Chevrolet Gillig Brothers School Bus

1942 Chevrolet Gillig Brothers School Bus from Captain America

1942 GMC 352 Military Truck

1942 GMC 352 Military Truck from Captain America

1943 Dodge Military Ambulance

1943 Dodge Military Ambulance from Captain America

Berliet Military Truck

Berliet Military Truck from Captain America

Ford, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Hudson's Galore on the Next Page

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