Captain America's HYDRA Clone is Finally Born

Captain Hydra Gets a Super-Soldier Overdose

Loathe as we are to admit that Hydra actually did pull off an incredible scientific feat - recreating Dr. Erskine's original, lost formula for turning good-hearted, sickly boys into superheroes - the results speaks for themselves. Even at his advanced age Clint Barton claims to have the upper hand for being trained in combat by Captain America himself. And he's right, since brute strength isn't everything. But after one missed arrow, then another, then a landed punch, and a hand wrapped around his throat, Clint seems to finally be defeated.

Which is the exact moment that the warning about this test subject's dose of the Super-Soldier Serum becomes particularly important. It seems this 'Captain Hydra' success story isn't as much of a home run as either Zemo or Avalanche, the master at the end of the dog's leash, would like to suggest. And when the mad scientist forced to do the work sees the life draining out of the very last superhero left, he decides to act. A moment before he warned that another dose could kill Hydra's prototype soldier... now, he tells Clint to give the injection.

Up to this point, we would have assumed that saying "a super-soldier getting a double-dose could make their head explode" was just an expression.

Hydra's Captain America Dies By Head Explosion

The word "explosion" might be a little too strong, since the Hydra Cap-clone seems to respond to the Super-Soldier Serum overdose by having his head... well, "SKLUNCH" more than outright detonate. Fans can debate among themselves if the second injection spoils an otherwise incredible medical marvel - itself an inversion of Steve Rogers' own superhero origin story. Or, perhaps more likely given the evidence, the doctor knows just how fragile the Hydra success really is.

Either way, the result is the same: Hydra's long awaited success in recreating the Super-Soldier Army that should have been theirs... with its head turned to mush before its evil superiors' eyes. And even if the future in which he is created is already too late to be saved from an apocalyptic wasteland, there's no question it would be worse with Red Skull commanding an army of Captain America-level soldiers to spread across the globe. Even if Steve Rogers and the rest of the Avengers didn't live to see Hawkeye defeat him, the fans know.

When the villains decided to leave Clint Barton behind - since they only needed to kill the "real heroes" - they sealed their fate. The lesson? Never doubt Hawkeye.

Old Man Hawkeye #11 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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