Captain America is Joining Thor's Flying Valkyrie

Captain America may be famous as a defender of Earth and the United States, but Thor is giving him a major promotion. He'll still be fighting, but doing it on the back of a flying horse, the standard transportation of Asgard's legendary Valkyrie.

Any mention of giving a new look or role to Steve Rogers may be hard for MCU fans at the moment, since they'll all be talking about the beardless-Captain America in Avengers: Endgame. Both the comic book and movie versions of the hero are going to be facing unbeatable odds in their greatest mission yet, but both will be doing it without the help of a beard. Which makes Captain America's new horse, and Asgardian calling even more incredible.

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Marvel Comics has been teasing their WAR OF THE REALMS for months, even years, as the comic book side's own Asgardian "endgame," as the newly restored Thor must unite an army to save all of the Nine Realms from allied villains. As proof of just how epic this event from Thor writer Jason Aaron is going to be, the first official artwork for the WAR OF THE REALMS showed that Daredevil would be the new Heimdall. Massive sword in hand and eyes glowing with cosmic awareness is cool and all... but he's no match for Captain America. Check it out:

As strange as it might seem to say that Marvel's next, Asgard-central event will put Captain America on the back of a winged horse, flying into combat against Dark Elves and Hel spawn, actually seeing it confirms that it's, oddly, fitting. After all, the original role played by the Valkyrie in both Norse mythology and Marvel Comics was to watch over the heroes and soldiers in combat, and carry those who fell to their final resting place, Valhalla. Since it isn't a stretch to imagine Steve Rogers as something of a demigod, and whose heart bleeds for every man and woman who gives their life in service, the parallels speak for themselves.

Still, this image may confirm that Steve Rogers will finally get some recognition from Asgard, riding on horseback like one of their most revered, and honorable warriors. But it doesn't explain the specifics of what kind of upgrade he might receive at Thor's hand. Jason Aaron has been teasing the event in cryptic fashion for months, and framing the WAR OF THE REALMS as taking place in one alone: ours. With the rest of the Nine Realms either destroyed or falling apart, the realm of Midgard is the final place for the universe's heroes to take a stand.

Clearly, Thor is calling in every friend and acquaintance he can to help tip the odds in his favor. This single piece of artwork shows not just Captain Marvel joining the Avengers, but the likes of Venom and Blade lending a hand, as well. And then toss in just about every major Marvel superhero you've heard of, and the coming war begins to take shape.

Thankfully, fans can rest assured that no matter how many heroes may be recruited by Thor to save Earth and the World Tree beyond, Captain America will play a major role in the conflict. After all... you don't give a flying horse to just anyone.

Marvel's WAR OF THE REALMS will begin in April of 2019.

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