Captain America's MCU Story Told in Man of Steel Style

Fans look back at Captain America's tremendous MCU journey thanks to a brand new fan-created trailer inspired by DC's Man of Steel. Alongside Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark/Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth's Thor, Chris Evans Marvel hero rounds up the franchise's big 3. And now that the culmination of everything that has transpired in the film series nears its release with Avengers 4, loyal fans of the brand are understandably getting nostalgic thinking about their favorite heroes' narratives thus far in the MCU.

Debuting in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger, Evans has gone on to appear five more times (not including cameos) on the big screen as Cap. With a sixth and possibly last time on the horizon, fans of the character are preparing in case the super soldier really bids goodbye to the MCU. Fan-created content - from posters to videos - have come out in the last few months revisiting the legacy that he might leave behind. This latest one, while functions the same, has a little bit of a surprising twist to it which fans are loving.

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YouTube content creator Mr. Krepshus came up with a 3-minute video retracing the history of Steve Rogers in the MCU. Making the video more interesting, the artist did it Man of Steel style. Despite the Zack Snyder film obviously has a very different narrative from the super soldier's overall journey on the big screen, it somehow works really well. Watch the clip above.

Captain America and Superman have often been compared to each other considering that both characters embody the idea of a perfect boy scout. The heroes are dubbed to be the leaders, as well as the moral compasses of their own respective teams, and have also been the face of their comic book brands. Unfortunately, while Marvel Studios was able to find a way to successfully translate the super soldier into the big screen, eventually becoming one of the most beloved heroes in the MCU, the Last Son of Krypton's current live-action iteration has been met with mixed responses. That said, it's important to note that the problem isn't rooted in Henry Cavill's performance, but what seems like an unclear vision on what a modern-day version of the hero should be like.

Sadly, unlike Captain America, who has gone through what could be a satisfying arc, Cavill's big screen iteration of Superman doesn't seem like it's going to be able to move forward with his adventures and finish the trajectory he originally set to tread after his debut in 2013. Last month, news broke out that the actor may be done playing the role after contract renegotiations fell through. Cavill's side refuted the rumor and at this point, it doesn't look like there's any final verdict on the matter. But even before that, there wasn't any concrete indication that a Man of Steel 2 is a priority for Warner Bros. and DC Films. Despite much clamor for the sequel, fans can only wait to find out what the future lies ahead for Cavill's Superman.

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Source: Mr. Krepshus

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