Joe Johnston Gives Details About the 'Captain America' Images

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The first official images from next year's The First Avenger: Captain America were released just under two weeks ago and they provided an early look at the titular character's new big screen outing.

Director Joe Johnston has shed some additional light on these photos and has revealed some of his thoughts and feelings about the cast of the WWII-era superhero flick, along with cool bits of behind-the-scenes trivia concerning the film's props and sets.

For those who might not know, The First Avenger is a final lead in to Marvel's Avengers movie. It will start out in present day with Captain America being frozen in suspended animation, and will then flashback to the WWII era where a young patriot named Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) finds him transformed into a super soldier by a radical experiment. Rogers becomes Captain America and joins an international band of heroes known as The Howling Commandos to battle the Nazis and the evil organization known as Hydra. The plot thickens when Hitler's head of advanced weaponry, The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving), discovers an artifact known as "The Tesseract," a cosmic cube of immense and deadly power.

Johnston had the following to offer in regards to this image of Steve Rogers, who is returning from a recent mission:

Director Joe Johnston comments on Captain America movie images

"The picture is a shot of Chris, returning from Steve Roger's first mission, when we goes AWOL to rescue his pal, Bucky Barnes."

Johnston is reuniting with his Wolfman costar Hugo Weaving on Captain America and has nothing but praise for the actor, who himself is no stranger to working on highly anticipated, big-budget blockbuster fare.

Check out Johnston's comments on the first official image of Weaving as Red Skull below (note: that's Toby Jones as the villainous  Arnim Zola, looking on in the background):

Hugo Weaving The First Avenger: Captain America movie

"[This is] Red Skull about to evaporate a trio of Nazis who have come to confiscate his technology to serve the Reich. Hugo Weaving was really the only choice for Red Skull. [He's] a chameleon as an actor. He's played so many incredibly versatile roles, from the 'Lord of the Rings' films,['The Matrix'], 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'. He's never failed to create a multi-layered and complex character. In my own experience with him on 'The Wolfman', he took a part that was much less significant and inspired us to develop the character into a pivotal role. I wanted Hugo to play Red Skull to SEE what he would bring to the character. He's one of those actors you don't want to look away from."

For more of Johnston's comments (which include information about the design of certain props and vehicles in Captain America), check out the exclusive article over at Comic Book Movie.

The First Avenger: Captain America arrives in 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on July 22nd, 2011.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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