What Chris Evans Looks Like as Captain America: Agent of Hydra

It's summer crossover event time for DC Comics and Marvel Comics and while the latter's Civil War II event gets off to a real start next week with its #1 issue (#0 and a free comic book day preview already debuted), that didn't stop Marvel from dropping something huge a week early to take a little spotlight attention away from DC Rebirth #1 - an epic 80-page launch to DC's game-changer event.

How Marvel accomplished this is by bringing back youthful-once-again Steve Rogers in his own new self-titled series titled Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. This gives Marvel Comics two different Captain Americas with the other being Sam Wilson a.k.a. Falcon who still wields the iconic round vibranium shield. As for Steve Rogers, he has a new shield of his own to match his new outfit, but given the shocking revelation at the end of the issue - that Steve Rogers is a Hydra operative and always has been - perhaps he needs an entirely new costume...

The reaction to the Hydra twist was out of control and by that we mean, pretty standard for doom-and-gloom social media reactions that simply cannot wait for a story to play out before raging upon it. But wow was it a great read and did it ever make for an interesting discussion and deeper look into who Steve Rogers really is and what it means to be Captain America. The twist trended across social media, made headline news, and even sparked this fun response from Chris Evans - the man who plays Steve Rogers on the big screen:

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