Marvel Characters Believe Captain America Wasn't Frozen

With the launch of Marvel Legacy, one of the most important periods of Captain America's history will be called into question. After his reputation was tarnished by the events of Secret Empire, people in the Marvel Universe are finding it hard to believe in Captain America again. In fact, some aren't even sure he was ever actually frozen in suspended animation for decades.

In an iconic moment in Avengers #4, published in 1964, the Sentinel of Liberty and his shield were famously pulled from the ice by the outstretched hand of Giant-Man. The discovery was made possible after Namor the Sub-Mariner went into a fit of rage against a group of Eskimos and threw their frozen idol into the ocean, completely unaware that the idol was actually his wartime ally, Captain America. When Steve Rogers thawed out, he realized that he had been asleep for 20 years. This is what created Cap's classic "man out of time" image.

Bleeding Cool reports that Captain America #695 will introduce the idea that some characters are actually doubting that Cap was ever frozen in the first place. Apparently, the theory is that Captain America and Bucky's attempt to defuse a missile ended in Cap being frozen in the Atlantic Ocean is all a bunch of bunk. The story that characters have been led to believe for years is supposedly propaganda created by the government to explain Captain America's sudden return.

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The theory suggests that these people likely believe that the original Cap died in April of 1945. According to them, anyone who buys into this propaganda is an "icer." The new term could remind viewers of real world politics, particularly the "birther" term that was used to describe people who doubted that then-President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

Considering everything that happened in Secret Empire, it may come as no surprise that people are now looking at Captain America very differently. Though many of his allies, such as Iron Man, have readily accepted him as the "true" Steve Rogers and don't believe he's responsible for the destruction caused by HydraCap, others will be less understanding. The idea gives fans clues of Captain America's next challenge, as this will be one of the rare times where Cap will find himself in a world where much of the public has lost their trust in him.

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Captain America #695 goes on sale on November 1.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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