Captain America to Begin Filming in June

There are few characters that solicit emotion like the venerable Captain America.

His death last year was profound. It struck a cord in all "Cappy" fans that had a lasting impression - that is until he "returned" to once again fight those that would challenge liberty and freedom.

News on the celluloid/digital version of everyone's favorite shield-wielding, flag-bolstering hero recently is also very popular. Production on The First Avenger: Captain America starts in June, 2010. It's reasonable to think that casting should follow soon thereafter providing fuel to the always-popular casting discussion that ensues anytime news like this surfaces.

One has to also wonder - will there be enough time to not only prepare a solid story and strong cast, but to concoct a solid rapport between content and cast?

To date, there's been literally nothing concrete on who will don the blue halfmask and wield the shield.

Perhaps it's a good thing.

After all, the program to create Super Soldiers WAS Top Secret.

The movie is set for a July 22, 2011 release date, so there's never been a clearer mission for Cappy and the powers that be that will construct the foundational platform for a character who will be the center point for the launch of a series of upcoming Avengers films.


What are YOUR thoughts on this compressed timetable? Will the filmmakers be able to put the polish on the shield and the manthat carries it in time before the film gets underway? Discuss below.

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