Captain America Talks Detention in New Spider-Man: Homecoming TV Spot

A brand new TV spot has dropped for Spider-Man: Homecoming, this time featuring more of Captain America's (Chris Evans) cameo in the upcoming film. While Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark/Iron Man will be the main mentor for Tom Holland's Peter Parker, the new kid on the superhero block is also getting some words of wisdom from Steve Rogers. And given how Rogers is technically older than almost everyone else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is intriguing how his own version of "training wheels protocol" differ from Tony's.

Peter and Steve had a brief interaction in Captain America: Civil War. First, Peter steals Cap's shield during his nifty introduction in the iconic airport battle scene. Then, they go head to head at some point where Cap praises the kid for having sheer determination and ultimately finding out that like him, he is also from New York (Cap's from Brooklyn, Peter's from Queens).

Now, the two meet again, but under different circumstances. The Homecoming ad shows a bunch of scenes from previous trailers until it ends with a new one featuring the high school principal calling Peter to his office and ultimately giving him detention. As Peter sits down with a few other students for the day, Captain America pops out on TV to apparently give them a lecture.

Captain America's Fitness Challenge in Spider-Man Homecoming

We have also seen a taped video of a suited up Rogers in other Homecoming trailers as he gives the high schoolers lessons during their PE class. From the looks of the clips, it seems like they are outdated and have been recorded way before Cap is tagged as a vigilante due to the events of Civil War, meaning that the school may have been using them for quite a while already. But, it is only now that Peter finds some deeper meaning in them given that he has actually met the super soldier.

Aside from the cameo, another takeaway from the Spider-Man: Homecoming TV spot is Peter actually getting detention. We don't know yet how and why a braniac like him will get in trouble. It could be because he misses school more due to his on-call secret superhero gig or maybe due to his lack of concentration as he is wrapped up in the notion of catching the Vulture (Michael Keaton). Whatever it is, it's interesting to see him going through the same teenage troubles as a normal high schooler would go through, further proving that Marvel did a tremendous job in making sure that the character is grounded and relatable.

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