Captain America & Deadpool Debate The Best Rom-Com

Deadpool and Captain America don't agree on much - and that includes the best romantic comedy. A battle guaranteed to divide Marvel fans, if there ever was one.

It's no real surprise to be reminded that in his down time Wade Wilson loves enjoying the latest Hugh Grant feel-good tear-jerker, considering his love of all things pop culture (a fact now known to movie fans, as well as comic readers). But learning that Steve Rogers also enjoys the supremely modern movie genre enough to step into the ring with Deadpool will come as a shock to many.

Despite coming from the 1940s, Captain America stans for the rom-com most inspired by the Internet Age. A fitting honor for the late Nora Ephron.

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The dispute begins in Skottie Young and Nic Klein's Deadpool #2, when some unkind words are spoken regarding Hugh Grant - which Deadpool will not suffer.

There are obviously no standards for Ronnie's fast food employer when it comes to the very best of the Romantic-Comedy genre, given his dismissal of the 1999 Hugh Grant-Julia Roberts vehicle. The film from writer Richard Curtis (About Time, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love, Actually) reached legendary status almost upon release, and remains a showcase of Hugh Grant at the height of his bumbling charm, and Julia Roberts' mixture of girl next door and superstar.

All of which is lost on Ronnie, referring to it only as some "old-ass Hugh Grant movie" - completely ignoring Deadpool's warnings about besmirching the film's good name. It's obviously a supremely treasured rom-com to Wade, but a voice from off panel interject to calm the Merc With a Mouth's temper... and claim a different iconic rom-com is obviously the superior example of cinematic serendipity.

A voice soon revealed to be Captain America, who feels more strongly about the Tom Cruise/Meg Ryan romance on display in 1998's You've Got Mail than most expect.

Now it's a controversial opinion to some, but more importantly, pits two heavyweights of pop culture against eachother like only superhero comics really can. Embodiments of distinctly British and American depictions of romance, courtship, heartbreak, and love triumphing over it all (spoilers?), it's as old-fashioned a rivalry as the Captain himself.

Perhaps his fondness for a romance based on written love letters is a sign of the world Steve Rogers comes from (You've Got Mail being written by Nora and Delia Ephron, adapted from playwright Miklós László's original tale). Or maybe it was just one of the first films he watched to get acquainted with the world of personal computers, email, and caviar garnishes after being thawed out in our modern world. The story takes a turn back to the superhuman shortly after the exchange, so we may never know (but do find out how violent a beating the Avengers can actually give).

The real question NOW is where the two of them fall on Sleepless in Seattle. Which side are you taking?

Deadpool #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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