Captain America: Civil War Unused Concept Art Reveals Wakandan City

New concept art from Captain America: Civil War reveals the first look at what the fictional country of Wakanda could look like in the MCU.

Wakanda concept art from Captain America: Civil War by Andrew Leung

While there are many highlights in Captain America: Civil War, two of the biggest moments came with the introduction of two long awaited heroes. Tom Holland's Spider-Man was something many thought they would ever see exist within the MCU, but it was Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther that was given the bigger role. Black Panther had been one of the most requested characters to appear in years prior, and now that he has debuted, viewers cannot wait to spend more time with him in his own world in Black Panther.

Despite his prominence in the story, he was very much following along with the story revolving around Cap, Bucky, and Iron Man. However, the post-credit scene for the movie gave the tiniest of peeks into his country, Wakanda. While the actual movie did not show more than just a foggy jungle with a panther statue, some new unused concept art from the film may give fans their first look at the design and location of one of its cities.

Artist Andrew Leung is responsible for the new looks as he published his work on the film, which also included designs of The Raft and a few other locations. It is his design for Wakanda that is especially interesting however. The city depicted sits entirely in water, with small strips of land connecting various points, and appears to be located within a crater-like hole or is just surrounded by mountains on all sides. You can see the images below:

Wakanda Crater Civil War Concept Art

Captain America Civil War Wakanda Concept Art Night

Early Captain America Civil War Wakanda Concept Art

Captain America Civil War Wakanda Concept Art

As this design was not used in Civil War, it will be interesting to see if Marvel sticks with this design or goes in a different direction moving forward. While there are variations to each of Leung's designs, the constant factors were the high surrounding area and an abundance of water. From a practical standpoint, this would be a great way to not only keep Wakanda hidden from outsiders, but also make it more difficult to attack. As Wakanda is both highly advanced in technology and very militaristic, this design would be a prime example of being able to defend internally, while also having the ability to see enemies approaching from afar.

Outside of the location, Leung captured the futuristic look that Wakanda should have thanks to their advanced technology. The main buildings are tall, sleek, and bright, while smaller buildings or houses are barely visible from this art. With this only being one unnamed Wakandan city, it is possible that even if this design is used in Black Panther, that there will be varying designs for alternate cities.

Source: Andrew Leung [via Comicbook]

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