Captain America: Civil War Featurette - Ant-Man Joins Team Cap

A new featurette for Captain America: Civil War focuses on the introduction of Paul Rudd's Ant-Man to the heroes on Team Cap.

Captain America: Civil War - Team Cap

Marvel Studios has cracked the code and turned unknowing audiences into the equivalent of page-turning comic book readers with their ongoing saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What once started as a simple tale of unregulated warfare technology in 2008's Iron Man, has transformed itself into a fully interconnected web of stories and characters heading towards Avengers: Infinity War. Unexpected players like Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and Ant-Man, are just some of the heroes that have joined the battle and increased their profile in this summer's blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War.

The movie found Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in opposition with his one-time Avengers mate, Tony Stark, over government backed sanctions known as the Sokovian Accords. Rogers goes on the run in an effort to protect his friend Bucky, while gaining the support of various super-powered heroes throughout the MCU for the conflict. However, his biggest ally was found in the form of Ant-Man.

Marvel Studios is in the midst of a publicity campaign for the upcoming Blu-ray and digital release of Captain America: Civil War. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been open in talking about not only Civil War, but about how the ramifications of the movie will be felt in Avengers: Infinity WarCivil War changed the fates of many familiar heroes, including Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), who came to the aid of Team Captain America and in the process, once again became a fugitive.

In a brand new featurette that Marvel released exclusively through HitFix, the cast and crew talk about the addition of Ant-Man in the sequel. They also explain what Ant-Man's unique skillset and Rudd's sense of humor add to Captain America's team and the movie overall. There were more than a handful of memorable moments in Captain America: Civil War, however Lang's introduction to Steve Rogers and the reveal of his hidden superpower were undoubtedly some of the film's biggest highlights.

The fact that Ant-Man could make such a huge impact during his brief appearance in the movie bodes well for the character's future. Last year's Ant-Man was a success for Marvel by making more than $500 million dollars worldwide. There is a sequel in development, Ant-Man and the Wasp, with Rudd and co-star Evangeline Lilly headlining, as well as director Peyton Reed (Bring It On) returning to helm the film. It's slated for release a few short months after Avengers: Infinity War, so the character's popularity should only continue to soar. While this has already been a great year for Ant-Man, things should only get bigger in the future.

Captain America: Civil War will be available on Digital HD on September 2nd and on Blu-ray on September 13th, 2016.

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Source: HitFix

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