Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl Trailer: Choose Your Team

Going into Super Bowl 50 weekend, we knew that Coca-Cola and Marvel were teaming up for something but we weren't quite sure what. On the comics side, the entire universe relaunched released after the Secret Wars event but on the film side, Captain America: Civil War is set to kick off not only the summer blockbuster movie season but also Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We'll see if the partnership for a $10 million 60-second spot was indeed to partially promote Captain America: Civil War, the biggest MCU movie to date, but for now we do have an epic new TV commercial for the flick.

Up until now, Marvel Studios has only officially unveiled one Civil War trailer (the teaser) alongside several one-sheets focusing on the headliner feud between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. In addition to a magazine cover story and some art, the studio was holding back as Disney's flagship feature of 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, finishes its $2 billion theatrical run. Now the time as come to choose your team.

Captain America: Civil War Trailer TeamCap (low res)
Captain America: Civil War Trailer TeamIronMan (low res)

Teaser Highlights:

  • Stark brings back a form for the briefcase armor from Iron Man 2 in the form of a high-tech glove or perhaps even an adaptation of the Model 38 Bleeding Edge Armor rumored for the film which in the comics is housed within Stark until mentally commanded.
  • Who is chanting "we stand united"? Is that a nod to the end of the Civil War event in the comics when the people stand up against... you know who.
  • We see Bucky go after Stark (is he mind-controlled?) followed by imagery of disasters.
  • And the grand finale, of #TeamCap vs. #TeamIronMan with all of the main characters sans Spider-Man (sorry no hashtag for you, Peter Parker) facing off at the German airport.
  • Note the new costumes of Hawkeye (we already saw) and sleeker outfit and new helmet for Ant-Man

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