Civil War Was a Spider-Man Pre-Exam for Tom Holland

Captain America Civil War - Spider-Man in Airport Battle

Days before Spider-Man Homecoming hits theaters, Tom Holland reminisces on his stint as the newest Peter Parker/Spider-Man, saying that Captain America: Civil War was a pre-exam for his character before taking on a solo adventure. Holland's version of the superhero first made his splash on the big screen with a small but memorable part in the third Captain America film, which was enough to get fans excited again for what's to come on the third reboot of the iconic character.

It also helped that Civil War was both a critical and financial success, raking more than $1 billion at the box office. The film tackled the ideological discord between Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) regarding the Avengers getting government oversight. It mined some plot points from the popular comic book run with the same name but some small tweaks and new twists were added to keep the narrative interesting. In the movie, Stark recruited Parker to partake in the iconic German airport battle, which became his first contact with the rest of the MCU superheroes.

In an interview with NewsHub while doing the press rounds for Homecoming, the actor recalled his debut in the MCU via Civil War:

Captain America Civil War - Spider-Man and War Machine Airport Battle

"It was the perfect way to start this franchise. It was like the pre-exam."

Holland applauded Marvel's way of feeling out audience response to his iteration of the character first before fully diving in with Homecoming. Deliberately, his part in Cap 3 is big enough that he can shine (which he did) and small enough that he won't be taking a lot of attention from the main characters:

"You know, if I got it wrong, I'd know how to fix it by the first one. So, I was lucky that I had the opportunity to just test the water a little bit and see what the fans wanted to see. And it just turns out that they wanted to see my version."

Aside from testing this version of Peter first, Civil War also gave Marvel an opportunity to open up a new Spider-Man franchise without repeating the radioactive Spider bite and Uncle Ben's death as part of his origin. Previous iterations of the character have already used those plot points and Marvel has been clear about wanting to offer something new to fans. Marvel president Kevin Feige has previously said that Spider-Man has existed in the same universe for a while, we just did not know it yet, providing the studio with the creative leeway to open up his story in a different way.

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Source: NewsHub

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