20 Things About Captain America: Civil War That Make No Sense

There's no denying that Captain America: Civil War changed the landscape of the comic-book-movie genre.

It brought together even more of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and set up the events for everything leading up to Avengers: Infinity War. Oh, and it also happened to make over $1, 153 billion at the global box office.

Despite all of this and a 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it isn't a perfect film, nor the alpha or omega of the genre that many people proclaim it to be.

As Erik Kain of Forbes said, "It felt like the stakes were set really high, but the payout didn't really pay off. The film sets up this huge conflict, and as I watched I started to think very seriously that something really, really bad was going to happen. In the end, however, things are just... okay."

Now that it's two years after Captain America: Civil War's release, we can look back at it with clear hindsight.

There's a lot of stuff in the movie that doesn't make any sense and was overlooked by the audience. Some of it isn't glaringly obvious, while a large chunk was right in front of our eyes.

This isn't about tearing the movie to pieces or mocking its achievements; it's merely about applying the same rules of criticism to all superhero movies. We guess that Disney paycheck isn't coming in this month, eh, commentators?

So, sit back and don't sip on that Haterade, because here are 20 Things About Captain America: Civil War That Made No Sense.

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War
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20 Tony Stark Puts A Teenager In Danger

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War

The point when Tony Stark finally saw the potential danger of the Avengers was after his encounter with Miriam Sharpe.

She blamed Tony and his team for the loss of her son, Charlie Spencer, who was caught up in the Sokovia battle between the heroes and Ultron.

It's an emotional, heart-wrenching moment and you can understand why it would impact Tony so much. Yet, when he goes after Captain America, he does the stupidest and most outrageous thing possible:

He brings Spider-Man, a teenage hero from New York, into the mix.

Seriously, Tony, the whole point of the "Civil War" was because you felt guilt over the young Charlie, so you go and chuck another youngster into harm's way?

19 Ant-Man Wants To Stay Out Of Trouble Yet Still Helps Cap

Scott Lang in Captain America Civil War

The whole purpose of Peyton Reed's Ant-Man was about Scott Lang becoming reformed. He cared about his daughter, Cassie, and wanted to be better for her. It's a simple but relatable story – especially for anyone who is a parent.

The fact that Paxton, Lang's ex-wife's fiancé, helped keep Lang out of jail was a turning point as well, and a second chance at redemption for the hero.

So, how come when Cap shows up, Lang forgets about everything and decides to help out?

Look, we get it: He's a good man and impressed by what Cap stands for. But what about Cassie? Has she suddenly slid down the totem pole of priorities here?

It's even more infuriating when we find out Lang was arrested after helping out.

18 Why Wasn't Vision In Lagos?

Captain America: Civil War - Paul Bettany Talks Vision

If you recall, the opening minutes of Captain America: Civil War involved Cap, Black Widow, Falcon and the Scarlet Witch tracking down Crossbones to prevent him from stealing a biological weapon in Lagos, Nigeria.

When the villain is finally caught by Cap, he decided to blow himself up. Scarlet Witch used her telekinesis to contain the explosion and throw it upwards, but there were some civilian casualties.

The question is, where was Vision in all of this? Was he sitting at home, wearing his turtleneck sweater and watching Gotham?

Considering he has the power to phase through things, you'd think he'd be the best candidate to take on a mission that involves a biological weapon.

17 The Geography Of Everything

Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr in Captain America Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is a globetrotting film. It hops from location to location, as the battles take place across the world.

That said, even though we're dealing with superheroes here, there's a sense of disbelief in terms of the timing of everything.

For example, Tony is given 36 hours to find Cap, but still finds time to go to Brooklyn then cross the ocean to Germany.

Now, any flight from the United States to Europe isn't a quick hour or two away, so couldn't Tony have called up a hero who was in Germany already?

Additionally, how does Zemo zip from country to country in no time whatsoever. Yes, it's a bit of editing magic, but there's no way it's possible.

16 No One Spoke Up After Thaddeus Ross' Grilling

Thaddeus Ross in Captain America Civil War

Thaddeus Ross is undoubtedly a prickly character and can silence a room with his gruffness. However, his verbal assault on the Avengers was unbelievable.

First off, his facts were skewed and everyone disregarded that the government had wanted to nuke New York City in The Avengers. The heroes did destroy the city, yes, but it wouldn't have existed if the trigger-happy politicians had executed their plan in the first place.

Second, why did no one challenge the pompous buffoon on his fake news? The Avengers are meant to be heroes, but one scolding and they're suddenly divided.

Politicians are full of nonsense, so you need to possess the ability to retort when they get out of hand. Are none of the Avengers on Twitter?

15 Wanda's Straitjacket

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 - Scarlet Witch Sokovia

When Cap's allies are captured, they're all put in the Raft – the secure underwater prison that seemingly everyone knows about.

Strangely enough, Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) is put in a straitjacket and a hi-tech collar. It's a bit of a headscratcher, really.

Now, the collar is definitely a power destabilizer of sorts, but she's got magical powers. This means no one knows how her powers actually work.

Heck, we saw how she managed to remove the Mind Stone from Vision's head in Avengers: Infinity War, so it's unlikely that a straitjacket and collar would do anything to her.

Maybe from an aesthetical point-of-view the jacket and collar symbolize how the prison sees her, but they have no functional use here.

14 Iron Man Gave Spider-Man His Suit In No Time

Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War

Apart from Tony being okay with putting a teenager in danger, his whole relationship with Spider-Man is a bit peculiar.

Sure, knowing Tony, it makes sense that he's been keeping tabs on Spidey, hence him knowing all about Peter Parker's escapades.

What doesn't make sense, though, is how Tony had a hi-tech suit waiting for him. Yes, Tony's a genius and could probably whip up something in record time, but he literally had a suit for Spidey to go into battle.

This is a little bit too convenient for the plot. Tony is a businessman; he wouldn't spend money on something unless he knows it's a sure thing, so making an expensive suit for a random teenager doesn't sound like something he'd do.

13 Zemo's Plan Was Far Too Coincidental

Daniel Bruhl as Zemo in Captain America Civil War

For most superhero films, you need to suspend your disbelief. After all, these are characters that do things that are practically impossible.

What Captain America: Civil War failed to do, though, was make its human characters believable – especially Helmut Zemo.

While Zemo is portrayed as something of a genius with incredible intel and foreshadowing, most of his mission relies on pure, dumb luck.

In fact, the majority of his plan is based on people being at the right place at the right time and reacting the way he thinks they will.

You could argue that he's good at predicting human behavior, but a lot of the time it's based on someone standing in a specific place. Sorry, that's impossible to predict.

12 Hawkeye's Retirement

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 - Hawkeye Shot

Look, we get it: Different directors tackling the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will result in inconsistencies sometimes.

However, there are weird things that could've been avoided altogether. For example, in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) spoke fondly about retiring from superhero duty after the Avengers' mission.

In fact, it's a massive motivation of his storyline arc and what made Quicksilver's sacrifice that more poignant as it gave Barton the chance at a regular life with his family.

Then in Captain America: Civil War, Hawkeye popped up and joked that he's tired of playing golf and was back in the game.

We're sure that the bullets in Quicksilver's body are chuckling with you, Hawkeye.

11 Tony Is Pretty Dumb And Takes Everything At Face Value

Captain America: Civil War - Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark

Perhaps the biggest disappointment about Captain America: Civil War is Tony's characterization.

While it's obvious that he was guided by emotion and fear rather than common sense, it's too much of a departure from the Tony we know.

Tony can be rash and impulsive, but he's also a critical thinker. Even if he does something wrong, he self-corrects in no time. In this movie, however, he spent the bulk of it being led astray by the government and Zemo's plan.

Especially after the events of Iron Man, you'd think that Tony would be apprehensive of anything to do with government and authority. Yet, here he is, being the ultimate stooge for the bozos in charge.

10 Tony's Vivo Phone

Vivo in Captain America Civil War

We're all aware that product placement plays a big part in Hollywood and there's a desire to penetrate the Chinese market. However, there are some placements that are really odd – especially Tony's Vivo phone in Captain America: Civil War.

If you're unaware of Vivo, it's an affordable Chinese phone brand. What it's doing in a billionaire like Tony's hands, though, is anyone's guess (mind you, he did use a futuristic-looking model).

Cap was also shown as a Vivo user, but his phone looked about as stylish as a Nokia 3310.

It's not like you see Tony driving around in a Prius and wearing Walmart clothing, so he does have lavish taste – and we'd expect his smartphone to be just as extravagant as everything else.

9 Cap And Sharon Carter's Relationship Is Weird

Peggy Carter was Cap's true love and it was difficult for him to come back and see how the sands of time had impacted her but not him. Her funeral in Captain America: Civil War was another earth-shattering moment that rocked his world.

So, it's super awkward to see him kissing her niece Sharon Carter a few scenes later.

We get it: he needs to move on, but this is a little too weird and fast.

How about a bit of time before you pursue the next Carter, Cap?

Additionally, this kiss between the two of them hasn't gone anywhere in the MCU. It happened and it was the end of that. Did it serve any purpose?

8 No One Mentions Ross' Part In The Hulk-Abomination Incident

Hulk vs Abomination in The Incredible Hulk

Any reasonable person would expect that someone who is competent and qualified would be elevated to a position of authority in government. As recent events have taught us, though, this isn't often what happens.

In the case of Thaddeus Ross, he's the United States Secretary of State and so full of hot air that he could propel himself in flight.

When he came down on the Avengers, he completely forgot about how he was responsible for the Hulk and Abomination incident in 2008's The Incredible Hulk.

How in the world is he still in a position of power after that? Again, why didn't any of the Avengers open their pieholes and point out what a hypocrite he is?

7 Is Giant-Man Immune To Missiles When He's Big?

Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Shows Spider-Man v Giant-Man

One of the best highlights of Captain America: Civil War was seeing Ant-Man turn into Giant-Man during the airport battle scene.

It was the ultimate fan service and a moment for every comic-book fan to savor. However, there's just one curious element: Giant-Man's invulnerability.

When Iron Man and War Machine fire their missiles at him, it's almost like flies hitting him. If they'd fired those same missiles at a building – the size of Giant-Man – they'd bring the whole thing down.

We'd imagine being that size would give him some durability, but how is he able to repel all of it? By the same logic, he'd easily be able to snap Spider-Man's webbing as if it were a string.

6 The Security Camera On A Back Road

Winter Soldier Security Footage Captain America Civil War

Howard and Maria Stark met their end on a back road outside of Long Island, New York, in 1991. Tony finally found out what happened to his parents when he saw the footage of the Winter Soldier committing the deed.

The question is, why was there a security camera on a back road in 1991?

Look, we understand how most roads are monitored nowadays, but back in the early '90s? Sheesh, no one even knew how to plug in an NES to the TV, never mind utilize a camera.

Of course, from a narrative perspective, this camera footage provided Tony with the evidence he needed to know it was the Winter Soldier. It still doesn't answer why the camera was there, though.

5 Cap's Travel Arrangements After He's A Fugitive

Once Cap goes on the run, he has the government and Tony on his tail. To be honest, we wouldn't have wanted to be in his shoes since there's some crazy surveillance power there.

It didn't seem to bother him, though, as he managed to get around the world with ease.

This is where things get a bit murky and it ties in with the geography point from before. How did he manage to get from place to place without being noticed?

Yes, Sharon assisted him with intel (and probably travel arrangements), but it's Tony and the government after him. Not some random thug.

Somehow, Cap also has the superpower of persuasion where he's able to convince foreign authorities to let him cross borders without fear.

4 The "Martha" Moment

Captain America vs Iron Man in Captain America Civil War

A few weeks before Captain America: Civil War was released, another superhero film featuring two battling heroes came out: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

As we all know, it proved to be a divisive movie with much criticism directed at its "Martha" moment which brought an end to the heroes' conflict.

Tony and Cap had their own version of "Martha" when the former went into a complete rage mode after he found out what the Winter Soldier had done to his "mom."

If we're going to be petty about Batman's obvious PTSD at the mere mention of his mother's name, then we need to apply the same principle to Tony's trauma as well, right?

3 Bucky Was Brainwashed, But Tony Still Blames Him

Iron Man in Captain America Civil War

Fine. Tony was an emotional mess after hearing the truth about what happened to his parents. It's understandable.

However, how can he completely forget about the fact that Bucky Barnes had been brainwashed?

Tony might struggle to forgive Bucky for his actions; however, his thinking is fundamentally flawed here. For ages, Tony has witnessed what Hydra and all the MCU villains have done.

He knows firsthand what Hydra is capable of, but he refuses to accept that Bucky is a victim here as well.

It isn't an easy situation to be in. Yet, it's difficult to justify Tony's reactions. This whole debacle could've been sorted out had Tony walked away, taken some time out, and then chatted to Bucky about it at a later stage.

2 Howard Stark Transporting Super Soldier Serum Without Protection

Howard Stark and Winter Soldier in Captain America Civil War

Here's another doozy. Why was Howard transporting Super Soldier Serum in the boot of his car without any VIP protection?

You literally have one of the most powerful weapons in the world and it's swirling around in your boot like a carton of milk.

With something so important in magnitude, you'd think that it would be escorted by a bunch of heavily armed guards.

Mind you, we don't think that Bucky would have a problem taking down a group of guards, but that's not the point here.

Why was Howard and his wife driving around with Super Soldier Serum in the car in the first place? It's almost like he was tempting fate and asking for trouble.

1 Where Were Nick Fury And Maria Hill?

Maria Hill and Nick Fury in The Avengers

You know, Nick Fury and Maria Hill are the worst friends you could ever ask for. After the Avengers had done so much to assist them and S.H.I.E.L.D., you'd think they'd be the first people to put up their hands and vouch for everything they've done – but nope.

Instead, they're hidden away from all the danger, letting Tony, Cap and the rest of the heroes fight it out and nearly tear down everything good in the world. Wow.

Then, to rub our faces in it, the two of them suddenly pop up in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War as if they'd been around all along.

Honestly, we hope they stay as dust and don't come back.


What else doesn't make sense about Captain America: Civil War? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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