Captain America: Civil War Gets An Honest Trailer

In a summer that featured numerous critical and commercial disappointments, Marvel's Captain America: Civil War was one of the few bright spots. Earning widespread praise from critics (read our review), the 13th installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe brought in $1.1 billion at the worldwide box office, becoming the fourth highest-grossing film in the franchise. After an extremely lucrative theatrical run, the movie is now available on home media. The Blu-ray hits store shelves today, September 13, following the digital release on September 2.

For all the positives of Civil War, it, like every other movie, is not perfect. While its perceived shortcomings may not be as prominent as other projects, they're still there, waiting for someone to point them out. One of the leaders in the realm of pointing out the flaws of tentpoles is ScreenJunkies, the ones behind the popular web series Honest Trailers. Now that Civil War is out for fans to bring home, Marvel's latest is the topic of ScreenJunkies' newest video, which you can watch above.

The trailer begins with the funny lead-in joke that Avengers fighting each other isn't something completely new for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the two Avengers films featured sequences of hero-on-hero action. It's true that audiences haven't seen anything on the scale of the famous airport sequence, but Earth's Mightiest's greatest foe being themselves stands as familiar territory. The bit is capped off with a shot at the poor quality of most Marvel movie villains, and Civil War's Zemo is tossed into this category. His somewhat convoluted plan is humorously compared to Lex Luthor's from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (one of several similarities between the two crossovers ScreenJunkies highlights).

Civil War directors on Avengers: Infinity War setup

Marvel's relative lack of long lasting dramatic stakes is also showcased, since the big centerpiece showdown amounts to a "group sparring session," and the actual fight between Iron Man, Bucky Barnes, and Captain America is followed swiftly by Steve Rogers penning a letter to Tony Stark saying he'll be there whenever Tony needs him. Based on quotes by Joe and Anthony Russo, this does seem like a generalization, but some moviegoers would have liked to have seen more severe consequences (like a character death, which was hinted at in the trailers) to make the proceedings emotionally impactful. The oddity of the United States government wanting to take control of the Avengers after they've saved the world three times over is also mentioned, though after creating Ultron, that could be justified.

ScreenJunkies' customary "Starring..." title cards are featured as well, and there are some great ones in this collection. Arguably the best one is Spider-Man's "The Spectacular Sony-Man," an obvious reference to the unprecedented deal Sony struck with Disney in order to get the wall crawler in the film. The "honest" title of Captain America 3: The Avengers 2.5 is also worth a chuckle, since the third "solo" Captain America movie featured more Avengers than any previous MCU installment. Nobody is making the argument that Civil War wasn't deserving of its strong word-of-mouth, but it's still fun to look back at one of summer's better offerings and look at it from a fresh perspective.

Captain America: Civil War is currently available on Digital HD and will be hitting store shelves on 3-D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, and Digital SD September 13.

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Source: ScreenJunkies

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