Bucky Uses Captain America's Shield in Civil War Deleted Scene

Winter Soldier holding Captain America's shield

When Marvel Studios announced that the third Captain America movie would be titled Captain America: Civil War, people that have read the original comic run jumped to the conclusion that this could be the last time Chris Evans suits up. The potential for a major death to start Phase 3 was certainly an interesting idea, but one that was ultimately passed on for the MCU. If Captain America did end up dying in the movie, Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) or Sam Wilson the Falcon (Anthony Mackie) were the favorites to take up the mantle.

Even though Sam Wilson is one of the current Captain America's in Marvel comics, Bucky would have seemed to be the favorite after already holding the iconic shield multiple times before. However, one deleted scene from Civil War would have featured not only Bucky wielding the shield again, but him, Falcon, and Steve passing it between them.

The clip featured above shows the action happening in the midst of the airport scene. This version does not have finalized special effects, but even without, it shows a clear depiction of what it would have looked like. With it being a small scene that takes up so little time in comparison to the rest of the fight, it would be easy to want the Russos to keep it in the final cut. It would have certainly pleased many fans, but the directors would know better than anyone else whether or not it worked with the larger battle.

Winter Soldier holding Captain America's shield

We should not read much at all into what happens in deleted scenes, but this one sure is interesting. Bucky's line at the end, "I've got to get me one of those," would have only further kept viewers thinking that Cap would die and Bucky would be the new Captain America for the future. If Marvel does decide to someday bring on a new version of Captain America or if Evans decides not to continue on once his contract is fulfilled, Bucky is still the most likely option.

Mackie has definitely won fans over with his charisma and overall enthusiasm for the MCU, but without knowing his contract future, it is hard to say just how long Falcon stays. Should he be around for the long term future, Mackie may be better suited as a scene stealer and quick witted Falcon, than Captain America. Stan is signed to a nine picture deal that he's not even halfway through at this point - so it would seem that Marvel has, or had, big plans for him moving forward. Time will tell whether or not Mackie or Stan take up the stars and stripes or if Evans will continue to play him. But this deleted scene is a good fan service moment to show all three hold the shield within a matter of seconds.

Captain America: Civil War will be released in Digital HD on September 2nd and on 3-D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, and Digital SD September 13.

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