Civil War Deleted Scene Teases Black Widow & Black Panther Standoff

lack Widow and Black Panther Civil War

When fans think back to Captain America: Civil War, the one instance that instantly comes up is the airport scene. Not only did it finally bring every hero in the movie together, but the stakes had built to a point that made it feel like a natural conflict between the heroes. The Russo brothers were able to achieve this natural progression through a heavy, yet interesting, first act. The introduction of the Sokovia Accords brought Black Widow and Black Panther together for the first time, and became the beginning of a constantly shifting relationship throughout the movie.

Natasha (Scarlett Johannson) was there to comfort T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) right after the death of his father, and she was ultimately the one to stop him from catching Cap and Bucky before they could leave the battle to stop the plan they thought Zemo had contrived. Those who liked their chemistry on screen are in luck, with a new scene being released of the two interacting prior to the conflict starts.

USA Today was able to exclusively reveal the deleted scene that featured Natasha and T'Challa out of costume at the JCTC base. The scene takes place right after the epic chase between Bucky, Cap, and Black Panther that featured the latter revealing himself to the world. Natasha is instantly curious to learn more about the new hero, but he has little interest in staying.

The scene itself is fine and further builds the relationship between Widow and Panther, but this also would have likely come at a point in the movie right before Bucky breaks out of containment. It is easy to see why they would decide to cut this scene to help speed up the next action sequence. That's not to say that the scene would not have worked in the movie itself, but unless the Russos reveal exactly where it was supposed to take place, it is impossible to truly gain a feel for how it would have played in context.

That said, the dynamic between these two characters was one of the more fun relationships to see unfold. Marvel could continue to push their friendship soon by placing her in Black Panther, but that is just pure speculation at this point. As far as we know, Natasha is on the run and hiding after betraying Tony and the Accords, while T'Challa now has to worry about ruling a kingdom for the first time. Even though people may be interested in seeing more of the two together on screen, it may take Thanos showing up for that to happen again. Then again, anything is possible with Marvel, so until they outright say that is not happening, it remains a possibility.

Captain America: Civil War will be available on Digital HD on September 2nd and on Blu-ray on September 13th, 2016.

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Source: USA Today

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