Giant-Man Takes a Hit in Captain America: Civil War Concept Art

Giant-Man Concept Art From Captain America: Civil War

This week Captain America: Civil War comes home to Blu-ray and DVD. Disney and Marvel Studios' blockbuster hit, which pitted Captain America against Iron Man, will now allow audiences to relive many of their favorite actions sequences and learn more about the making of the film. This includes taking a look behind the scenes of the major brawl between the Avengers, which was full of memorable moments and some surprises.

One of those surprises was the appearance of Giant-Man, made possible by Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) experimenting with the Ant-Man suit and creating a reverse effect. This was one of the secrets Marvel was actually able to hold onto up to the day of the film's release. Months later, audiences can now take in what went into the creation of such a sight, including concept art that has recently found its way online.

Thanks to Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor and Lead Concept Artist Andy Park's Instragram page, fans can now take a look at the concept art used to illustrate a fun moment during the airport fight sequence. As can be seen below, this image depicts the humorous moment where Spider-Man develops a plan based on that "really old movie" The Empire Strikes Back. Spider-Man loops around Giant-Man's legs with his webbing, followed by Iron Man and War Machine knocking him over.

Here's the At-At (from that really old movie) keyframe I did for #CaptainAmericaCivilWar #SpiderMan #IronMan #AntMan #keyframe #conceptart #design #illustration #atat #starwars #empirestrikesback @tomholland2013 @robertdowneyjr #doncheadle #paulrudd #marvel #marvelstudios

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This is of course a reference to an early scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Wedge Antilles uses the tow cable on the back of his Snowspeeder to bind the legs of an approaching AT-AT, causing it to fall over (and allowing for the other ships to hit it in a weak spot and blow the massive mechanical beast sky high). Civil War obviously had fun in both finding a way to subdue Giant-Man and keep the humor alive through the dialogue referencing this exact moment (much to the chagrin of Tony Stark). By the way, this is just one of the many posts you can find from Park, who has a lot of great Marvel artwork to share.

It is great to see art from this scene, as the extended action sequence certainly had a lot to cheer for. A large brawl was teased in many of the trailers leading up to Civil War, but the whole Giant-Man moment was a very fun inclusion as well. Given how some seem to want to argue how Spider-Man felt shoehorned into Civil War, it's nice to be able to look at early artwork like this and appreciate how much effort does have to go into designing key moments in these films, regardless of how far into production things are. Even for those who felt Civil War was not Marvel Studios' greatest offering, it seems like it would be hard to not at least crack a smile at the sight of a moment that really does feel ripped from the pages of a comic book.

Captain America: Civil War is currently available on Digital HD and will be hitting store shelves on 3-D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, and Digital SD September 13.

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Source: Andy Park

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