12 Key Characters From Marvel's Civil War Who Aren't In The Movie

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Jon Bernthal plays Frank Castle in Daredevil season 2

Civil War, the next Marvel Comics event to be loosely adapted into a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, happened nearly ten years ago. Though the central conflict, a disagreement between Captain America and Iron Man over the government registration of superheroes, stays the same, the particulars of the movie are very different.

Most notably, the characters that played key roles in the comic event are not necessarily the same as those that will take part in the movie that bears its name. Partly because of movie rights, partly because of story, and partly because a year-long comic crossover gives you a lot more room than one movie, there are many characters from the comics that won’t be showing up in Captain America: Civil War at all. Even some of those who supposedly are in the movie, like the rumored Spider-Man cameo, will play a very different role than they did in the comics.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the characters key to Civil War in comics that won’t be anywhere in the movie. Keep in mind, heavy spoilers for the comic book event for those that haven’t read it.

Here are 12 Key Characters From Marvel's Civil War Who Aren't In The Movie.

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11 Speedball


Speedball and the rest of the New Warriors were filming an episode of their reality television show near a school in Stamford, Connecticut. While attempting to apprehend a group of villains, Nitro used his powers create an explosion that leveled several city blocks and killed over 600 people, including 60 children. The only survivors would be Speedball and Nitro himself, and the event would finally bring tensions to a head and lead to the Superhuman Registration Act.

Speedball experiences great guilt and persecution over the whole event, being labeled a “baby killer” by the media and parents of the survivors. Speedball later registers under the SHRA and adopts the persona “Penance”, helping to ease his own guilt over that tragedy he caused.

10 Nitro

Nitro and Wolverine

Normally not a major power, Nitro used Mutant Growth Hormone while in Stamford, which is the reason he was so powerful. After killing hundreds in Stamford and indirectly causing Civil War, Nitro went on the run. He is hunted by various parties, including Wolverine and the Atlanteans under the command of Namor, for his part in the tragedy in Stamford, even losing an arm to Wolverine at one point.

As the events of Civil War play out, it comes to light that Nitro didn’t act alone, but rather had a secret benefactor in Walter Declun, CEO of Damage Control.

9 Fantastic Four

Fantastic 4 Four Movie Easter Eggs

The Fantastic Four are a family divided during Civil War. While Reed sides with Tony and the pro-legislation group, Johnny and Sue side with Captain America and stand against the Superhuman Registration Act. Along with Tony Stark, Reed helps build the Negative Zone prison known as “Plan 42." Though initially upholding the SHRA as part of the Fantastic Four, Sue and Johnny later defect to Captain America’s side after the death of Goliath. Ben Grimm, not wanting to be involved in a war between friends and family, decides to sit the whole thing out, and goes to France.

As the film rights to the Fantastic Four still belong to Fox, the original Marvel family will not be making it into Captain America: Civil War.

8 Goliath


Siding with Captain America, Goliath is a key member of Captain America’s “Secret Avengers.” During a clash with Tony Stark and pro-registration forces, Thor (actually a cyborg clone of Thor known as Ragnarok and created by Stark and Reed Richards) blasts a hole in Goliath’s chest, killing him instantly.

Goliath’s death causes many heroes to lose faith in the pro-registration cause, resulting in Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Spider-Man, and many more to defect to Captain America’s side rather than stay with Tony Stark. Since he was killed as a giant and couldn’t shrink down in death, Goliath was buried as a giant, taking up 38 burial plots.

7 The X-Men

Jean Grey in X-Men Apocalypse

Though officially neutral during Civil War, due to Cyclops not wanting the few remaining mutants to get caught up in the bickering of the rest of the superhero community, various members of the X-Men take stances.

Most notably, Wolverine and Storm side with Captain America and the rest of the anti-registration heroes. Wolverine also hunts down Nitro shortly after the Stamford incident, only to be caught in another explosion and reduced down to his adamantium exoskeleton. Storm, along with Sue Storm, stop the rampaging Ragnarok after he kills Goliath, preventing him from killing any more of the Secret Avengers.

As with the Fantastic Four, Marvel does not have the film rights for the X-Men, so they won't be making an appearance.

6 Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn

Often known as the villain Green Goblin, Norman Osborn is involved in various parts of Civil War. Osborn is one of the villains that is registered and monitored under the SHRA, becoming part of one of the government sanctioned superteams. Osborn plays a part in the larger conspiracy behind the conflict, as he was responsible for an assault on an Atlantean delegate and causing the Atlanteans to prepare for war, though he claimed he wasn’t in control of himself when he did it.

During Civil War, Osborn becomes head of the Thunderbolts team, a government sanctioned group of villains who respond to threats.

5 The Punisher

Personal - Facts Punisher
Jon Bernthal plays Frank Castle in Daredevil season 2

Originally not caring much for the squabbles of superheroes, Frank Castle, the Punisher, initially stays out of the fight, until the pro-registration camp begins to enlist the aid of villains like Venom and Bullseye, who Punisher sees as nothing but killers and thieves. Punisher saves Spider-Man after he left Tony Stark’s side of the war, helping to get Peter Parker to Captain America.

Though the anti-registration heroes knew that Punisher’s skills are exactly what they needed to win the war, they're reluctant to let him join, knowing that taking a known killer into their ranks would erode any moral high ground they had. After Punisher kills the villains Goldbug and Plunderer when they arrive at the Secret Avengers headquarters, Captain America beats Castle and kicks him out of the group.

4 Hank Pym

Hank Pym

Hank Pym is one of the leaders of the pro-registration group, along with Tony Stark and Reed Richards. Helping to design the extra-dimensional prison known as Plan 42 and also the clone of Thor known as Ragnarok, Pym gives the pro-registration forces a scientific advantage. Pym is also active after Civil War, in training various super teams as part of the Fifty State Initiative that gave each state a government-sanctioned super team.

It would later be revealed that the Hank Pym of Civil War was actually a Skrull impostor and the real Pym had been kidnapped by the Skrull the whole time. 

3 Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers

One of the heroes with an identity that was already highly public, Carol Danvers sided with the pro-registration forces early on. Combining both a strong powerset and military training, Danvers is a lead force in Civil War as pro-registration heroes face off against those who side with Captain America.

Danvers, along with Iron Man, tries to convince Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to register, but is unsuccessful. Though we’re going to see Danvers as Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future, it’s looking like Captain America: Civil War won’t be her introduction.

2 Thor/Ragnarok

Thor vs Surtur Ragnarok Marvel Comics

A cyborg clone made from a strand of Thor’s hair by Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Hank Pym, Ragnarok was the result of Stark knowing that the pro-registration forces would need some serious power if they were to win the fight by sheer force. During a battle with Captain America’s forces, Ragnarok killed Goliath, shocking many heroes who genuinely believed the clone to be the actual Thor.

This event causes several heroes to defect to Captain America’s side, only strengthening his cause and forces. The hero Hercules later destroys the clone, making sure he can't cause any more havoc.

Though Thor is an established part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it looks like the Ragnarok storyline will wait until the Thor: Ragnarok to be told.


1 1 & 2. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage headed to Netflix

One of the strongest power couples (pun intended) in the Marvel Universe, Cage and Jones both oppose the SHRA. While Cage sides with Captain America, Jones takes their children and goes to Canada in order to keep her family out of harm’s way and to keep from registering with the government.

Cage was very opposed to the SHRA, even comparing the act and government mandated registration to slavery when Iron Man came to his house to get Luke to register. Cage is one of Captain America’s main supporters up until his assassination at the end of Civil War.

Though Cage and Jones are both active characters in Netflix's Jessica Jones, it doesn't look like they'll make an appearance in the movie. 

What do you think? Are there any key players from the comics that won’t be in the movies that we may have missed?

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