Captain America: Civil War Bloopers and Gag Reel

Marvel Studios’ Phase 2 came to an end last year with Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man, leaving the ground ready for one of the most anticipated Marvel films to date: Captain America: Civil War. The third Captain America movie brought together most of the Avengers roster (minus Thor and the Hulk) with two of the main superheroes of the MCU facing off against each other: Iron Man and Captain America.

As the home release of Civil War approaches, Marvel has been sharing featurettes and deleted scenes that can be found on the Blu-Ray and DVD formats. But as much as fans love learning what goes on behind the scenes and how the action comes to life, one of the most anticipated special features is, without a doubt, the gag reel.

The Civil War gag reel has been released (watch it above) and it contains as much humour as one can expect from such a big ensemble – especially one that includes Robert Downey Jr. This one minute-long video offers a taste of the behind-the-scenes fun that went down on the set, such as Iron Man and Captain America dancing during one of the most critical moments of the movie, Black Widow having some coordination issues with her weapons, and the Falcon falling on his face right in front of Iron Man.

Captain America Civil War

These bloopers are not just about the superheroes from both Iron Man and Captain America’s teams, but also include characters like Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) and Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp). However, there are some big absences, such as War Machine, Ant-Man, Black Panther, and young Spider-Man. Hopefully, the full gag reel will feature these heroes as well as other characters like villains Crossbones (Frank Grillo) and Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl).

Captain America: Civil War proved to be a huge success, grossing over $1.1 billion worldwide, becoming the current highest-grossing film of the year and the 12th highest-grossing film of all time. In terms of narrative, Civil War left us with a Steve Rogers that let go of the Captain America identity by dropping his shield, meaning that we won’t see Captain America at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War. We will need to wait and see how long it takes for Steve Rogers to reconsider taking the shield back, as Thanos won’t be an easy threat.

Captain America: Civil War will be released in Digital HD on September 2nd and on 3-D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, and Digital SD September 13.

Doctor Strange opens November 4, 2016; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – May 5, 2017; Spider-Man: Homecoming– July 7, 2017; Thor: Ragnarok – November 3, 2017; Black Panther – February 16, 2018; Avengers: Infinity War – May 4, 2018; Ant-Man and the Wasp – July 6, 2018; Captain Marvel– March 8, 2019 – May 3, 2019; and as-yet untitled Marvel movies on July 12, 2019, and on May 1, July 10, and November 6 in 2020.

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