Captain America: Civil War Production Image - Mo-Cap Black Panther

A new behind-the-scenes photo from Captain America: Civil War shows how Black Panther looked in his costume pre-CGI, on the film's set.

Chadwick Boseman Black Panther

Captain America: Civil War is a standout in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for many reasons, and the spectacular action is chief among them. One of the movie’s most exciting sequences, however, featured an underappreciated secondary character: Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) showed off his deft fighting skills in a rooftop bout with Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) in one of a handful of scenes that laid the groundwork for the superhero’s eventual solo movie in 2018.

A wealth of behind-the-scenes work went into bringing that fight, and all of the fight scenes in Civil War, to life. The rooftop fight scene with Black Panther and the Winter Soldier required re-shoots of its own, as well as plenty of CGI work that the crew decided in post-production was necessary to bulk up Black Panther. A new behind-the-scenes photo from Civil War shows how much work went into the Black Panther costume that was eventually transformed into a fully digital character.

Actor/stuntman Aaron Toney posted to his Instagram account on Thursday a photo that he took with Stan during re-shoots for the rooftop fight scene. “Seb's always a champion. Works so hard and always brings it,” Toney said of his co-star. You can see in the photo that Toney is a little more lithe-looking than the beefed-up CGI Black Panther that appears in the finished version of Civil War.


#tbt with @imsebastianstan for reshoots on Cap3 #captainamericacivilwar for the rooftop fight. Seb's always a champion. Works so hard and always brings it. #marvel #mcu #blackpanther #wintersolider #buckybarnes

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Black Panther was originally going to be almost entirely just Boseman and Toney in their costumes, but directors Anthony and Joe Russo ultimately decided to cover the performance in CGI. Toney was quite busy on the set of Civil War, nonetheless; he played a Super Soldier and was also a stunt double for Anthony Mackie/Falcon, in addition to a fight choreographer during re-shoots.

Regardless of how Black Panther was ultimately presented as a character in Civil War, his appearances in the movie set an effective stage for what’s to come in 2018’s Black Panther solo vehicle. Spurred by his father’s assassination and supremely motivated to defend his home country of Wakanda, Black Panther will be featured in a solo film that has the potential to be another successful blend of action and heart. Marvel Studios is also betting that Black Panther will find commercial success on the level of this year's Doctor Strange.

Although Captain America: Civil War turned out to be a massive success in the end, the movie’s presentation of Black Panther and other characters that had to be converted to CGI could have turned out poorly. The makers essentially re-did Black Panther from scratch for the final presentation, which was something of a risk. Nevertheless, the Black Panther scenes, and the movie as a whole, proved in the end that extensive re-shoots and re-touches aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

Source: Aaron Toney

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