Captain America: Civil War Promo Art You May Have Missed

Deadpool may kick off a the superhero movie slate of 2016, but it's Captain America: Civil War that launches Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the summer blockbuster season. The first Civil War trailer is already out and its followup will play during the Super Bowl this weekend, in a promotional team-up with Coke-Cola.

But before we get there, we have lots of other promotional materials to followup on, some which snuck by, and others which leaked. We've gathered many of these up across three (updated with more!) pages of images which offer a closer look at the design and colors of Hawkeye's completely new outfit; Hawkeye and Ant-Man's neat team-up; War Machine's new armor including a cool new weapon; and more emphasis on Agent 13 who appears to join Cap's Avengers for Civil War.

First up: Disney UK's online store revealed some official promotional art for their products tied to Captain America 3 which included a full team vs team shot and individual character banners. If anything, it provides a detailed look at Hawkeye's new outfit, emphasizing its purple (nod to the comics) color scheme.

Brazil's Iron Studios announced their officially licensed lineup of Captain America: Civil War 1/10 Art Scale and 1/4 Legacy Replica statues that are currently in pre-production with the following conceptual art:

The notable highlights from this depiction of the characters are Iron Man's new, sleeker suit and War Machine's heavier and appropriately tank-like armor which appears to have some sort of larger weapon (a tech-like blade) extending from his right arm, a detail that's largely gone unnoticed in some other other art pieces. Note the coloring with red light highlighting in War Machine's shoulder cannon as well. It's very, dare I say it, TRON-like (R.I.P. TRON 3):

Also check out the Avengers' Quinjet in the Iron Studios piece which appears to be even larger (matching these behind-the-scenes photos) than the team's similar vehicle in Avengers: Age of Ultron -the one that was abandoned in the ocean after Hulk flew away with it.

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Captain America: Civil War Promo Art You May Have Missed