Chris Evans Reveals His Favorite Captain America Scene In The MCU

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Just like any other Marvel fan, the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have their favorite scenes from the films, and Chris Evans recently shared his. With one more month to go before the release of Avengers: Endgame, the cast is hard at work promoting the film and doing their best to not reveal too much. For some cast members, this promo tour is a very special (and emotional) one as it will be their last one with their Marvel family.

Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, and Chris Hemsworth are among those who probably will hang their shields, armor, and capes after Endgame, no matter the fate of their characters. The three of them were the ones who built the MCU’s Phase One, so it’s only natural that they are asked about their time in the Marvel Universe, their experience, and their favorite on-screen moments. If you ever wondered what Chris Evans’ favorite scene in the MCU is, the answer is finally out.

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In a “Fishing For Answers” feature with THR, Chris Evans was asked which is one of his favorite scenes from all the Marvel films, followed by a comment on how the Captain America-Winter Soldier-Iron Man fight in Captain America: Civil War was “arguably one of the best”. However, Evans had a different answer.

“I’m partial to that fight scene in the elevator, That was the first scene we shot in the second Captain America movie. It was my first time working with the Russos, it was the first time where it felt like Cap was kind of on his own. The first Cap movie, you know, you really felt like everyone was holding my hand, and in the first Avengers movie, I just did my best to not get in the way. The second Cap movie is the one that I really kind of felt, I suppose, pressure, and that first elevator fight scene came out really great in my opinion”.

Elevator fight in Captain America Winter Soldier

The scene in question shows Captain America surrounded by Brock Rumlow and company in an elevator. With SHIELD slowly but surely falling due to HYDRA’s infiltration, Rumlow and the rest attack Cap – but they highly underestimated him, with Captain America taking them all down by himself. It is, without a doubt, one of the scenes that best shows what Captain America can do without extra help.

Chris Evans re-teamed with the Russo brothers in Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. Each film has included at least one unforgettable fight scene featuring Captain America, such as the aforementioned fight along Iron Man and the Winter Soldier, and we can surely expect the same in Endgame, as the surviving heroes will team up to undo Thanos’ chaos and defeat him once and for all.

Until Avengers: Endgame is released, the fate of Captain America will remain unclear, with a bunch of theories floating around on what his role in the story will be, how it will affect the past (if the time-traveling rumor turns out to be true), present, and future, and if there’s a chance he will come back in future MCU films. In the meantime, we can revisit some of his best moments in the MCU so far, such as that elevator fight scene.

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Source: THR

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