Toby Jones Is Arnim Zola In 'Captain America'

Jones will reportedly be playing Arnim Zola, a classic Marvel Comics villain whose origin is tied to Captain America. Hugo Weaving is already confirmed to play The Red Skull, the main villain of the film.

Hearing this bit of casting news reminds me that I actually know very little about the script for Captain America and what it will involve. I know that it will take place during WWII; will focus on how Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) an idealistic would-be soldier is drafted into a Super Soldier Program; and I know the story arch will basically be about how Rogers goes from being a goverment/military tool to the heroic icon of American idealism we know and love. Until he gets frozen in stasis and wakes up as one of The Avengers, of course.

Currently we're already up to two villains in The First Avenger, which is essentially an origin film. We also have a love interest, a sidekick, and possible cameos by heroic WWII fighting forces from ye old Marvel lore. Seems like alot going on...almost too much...

But I digress.

the human version of arnim zola captain america

Arnim Zola is known in Marvel history as a crazy Nazi scientist who ultimately shifts his consciousness into a robot body as a way to preserve himself long beyond his years. Zola's primary expertise is genetics, which has led to the creation of several spliced-together heroes, villains and freaks in the Marvel universe.

As far as an actor playing (what I can only assume is) the pre-robot version of Zola, Jones seems like a good fit. He initially gives off a small and unassuming vibe - but as we saw in Infamous and/or W (insert Carl Rove joke), he can use that same meek demeanor to effectively mask a vast and calculating intelligence. I'm interested to see him in Captain America - here's hoping he's given a big enough part to work with.

Will we see a post-robot Zola show up later in the Marvel Movie Universe? I wouldn't count it out (I'm sure Marvel isn't).

the first avenger captain america arnim zola toby jones

What do you think about Toby Jones playing Arnim Zola? Good fit? Does Captain America seem like it's getting a little too busy with all these characters?

The First Avenger: Captain America will be in theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: Heat Vision Blog

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