Captain America: Chad Michael Murray vs. Ryan McPartlin?

captain america casting soon

It's an exciting time for Marvel movie fans with Kenneth Branagh's Thor heavy into principal photography having begun last month and Joe Johnston's The First Avenger: Captain America likely to announce the casting of its lead character Steve Rogers within the next few weeks.

With the casting of superheroes comes plenty of rumors and speculation and we have two names for you of possible leading candidates for the career-defining role of the WWII veteran and later leader of The Avengers in Ryan McPartlin (Chuck) and Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill).

If either of these two choices come to fruition it would appear that TV stars have been recently getting some big attention in Hollywood as Stargate: Atlantis' Jason Momoa was also just cast as the title character in the Conan remake.

In an interview with Moviehole, Chuck actor Ryan McPartlin revealed that he has read for the part of Captain America, something we expect a plethora of young actors have done in recent weeks.

“The one thing I can't stand are these actors that are twittering about auditioning for Captain America. It's really tacky. With that said, it is in the casting process and like many other actors, I read for it, so we'll wait and see what happens. Regardless, I'm pretty psyched to be Captain Awesome for the time being.”

By his comment about the tweets, I'm sure McPartlin is referring to the likes of relative unknown Johnny Pacar who tweeted about auditioning for Captain America in mid-January.

So, who is McPartlin competing against? Probably a ton of folks but if this next rumor is true, it might be down to him and Chad Michael Murray. Big Shiny Robot is reporting the following via a forum member who frequents an LA hotspot where Murray was spotted talking about Captain America, possible revealing something very interesting.

So I work in a place outside of LA where some celebrities frequent. Chad Michael Murray is one of these people. He was in the other night and one of his friends with him told me that the casting for Cap is down to Chad and one other person. He didn’t tell more who the other person is perhaps he didn’t know, but I found it interesting. The friend told me that he’d have to lend Chad all his comics and teach him about the background of the character.

Before anyone gets any ideas, this is only a rumor and we have no way of validating it. The timing however, does work and some folks on the internet have thrown out Chad Michael Murray. Then again, what actor hasn't been talked about for this role?

If this is true and Chad's buddy spilled the beans then perhaps the leading two candidates are Ryan McPartlin and Chad Michael Murray. One thing's for sure; We'll find out soon.

Who should play Steve Rogers/Captain America? Out of these to, I say McPartlin. He played Captain Awesome in Chuck and it doesn't get much closer than that ;).

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Sources: Moviehole, Big Shiny Robot

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