Captain America/Bucky Fanfic Exists in Marvel's Universe, Too

If MCU fans ever dream about Captain America and Bucky as more than friends, they're not alone: 'Stucky' is a thing in Marvel Comics, too.

It's a historic day for fans longing to see Captain America and Bucky finally accept that they're more than just 'friends.' Not because Marvel has confirmed the long held fan theory, but because they've finally confirmed even their own comic characters have a hankering only Bucky/Steve fanfiction can solve.

The MCU sadly denied fans any recognition of the Steve/Bucky attraction--or 'Stucky' as it's referred to by its supporters--but you can't say they didn't try. From the very first Captain America movie, Steve and Bucky's special relationship has been teased, hinted at, and sometimes even cruelly dangled before its fans. But audiences shouldn't feel guilty, or even wonder if they've read too much into the pair's history. Because the appeal exists in Marvel own comic universe, too. Which... actually makes sense, when you think about it.

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It isn't the first time that writers or artists have worked successful elements from Marvel's movies back into the comics. In fact, Marvel recently changed Captain America and Bucky's relationship to lifelong friends, as opposed to fellow soldiers. Perfectly setting the stage for their beach day in Gwenpool Strikes Back #3...

Gwenpool Comic Captain America Bucky

Fans who have missed out on Gwenpool Strikes Back should take this as just the latest reason to start catching up. Because when Gwen invites twenty or so Marvel icons for a day at the beach, the heroes don't disappoint--swapping their supersuits for swimsuits (or whatever you call the belted trunks Steve Rogers is wearing). And as Marvel's most 'meta' character--exceeding even Deadpool in her knowledge and mastery of the publisher's properties--it makes perfect sense for Gwen to acknowledge Steve and Bucky are a package deal.

But readers can (and should) read a bit more into her wordless gazing at Steve and Bucky in their short shorts, followed by her instant approach. Her appreciation of the muscular duo quickly elevates beyond admiration, to recommendation the two stop staring, and start wrestling. Since this isn't the time or the place for Gwen's wish (or Steve's, or Bucky's) to come true, Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel jumps in to steer Gwen's story back onto the rails. But she makes sure to be a great friend by pointing Gwen to "fanfiction. Whatever you want, there's a fic for that."

Captain America Bucky Fanfiction Gwenpool Comic

Should Marvel fans really be surprised that the people who inhabit the Marvel Universe have also taken note of Captain America and Bucky's close friendship? Honestly, if they're as inseparable in the comics as they've been in the films, it would almost make the MOST sense for the world at large to assume they're an item, and already come to accept it as common knowledge. The average person isn't given the same details or glimpses into the Avengers' lives that comic readers are, after all. Our only question is: if Marvel citizens write fanfiction inspired by Stucky... who actually owns it?

Join us in pondering these deep, rewarding questions (and their corresponding fanfic) by picking up your copy of Gwenpool Strikes Back #3. Full credits and plot synopsis below:

  • Written by: Leah Williams
  • Art by: David Baldeon
  • Cover Art by: Terry Dodson
  • When you’re setting out to piss off the most powerful heroes around, you might want to consider if you want to cross one who’s IMMORTAL. It’s ok---this issue: GWENPOOL DEFEATS THE HULK! Solicit text would not lie!

Gwenpool Strikes Back #3 is available now from your local comic book shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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