Captain America Approved: Civil War Video Dubbed With Billy Eichner’s Voice

Captain America: Civil War - Chris Evans

A clip from Captain America: Civil War has had the audio dubbed over with comedian Billy Eichner's voice. While Civil War came out two years ago, the clip combined with the audio make for a hilarious mashup.

Billy Eichner is best known for his Funny or Die series Billy on the Street. The comedian would often feature celebrities running around New York city asking dubious questions to passersby. The show ran from 2011-2017, 47 episodes in all. Prior to his self titled show, Eichner was featured on the final two seasons of Parks and Recreation. He also starred in the Hulu original series Difficult People, and is now a part of Ryan Murphy's anthology series American Horror Story.

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The original video was made by a fan named Lissy, and posted to their Twitter account. In the clip, the now iconic moment of Captain America and his team running towards Iron Man and company to kick off the big airport fight scene is dubbed over with the voice of Billy Eichner saying, "Let's go, lesbians! Let's go! Here we go lesbians. Here we go lesbians, come on."

The clip has gained over one million views and has been retweeted over 34,000 times. One of those retweets came from Billy Eichner himself. The comedian retweeted the clip, with the comment "Hey Chris Evans this is what happened when someone put audio from Billy on the Street into Captain America." Captain America actor Chris Evans then responded to Eichner, saying "That’s exactly what I was going for in that moment. I’m glad someone picked up on my inner monologue." 

This isn't the first time fans have gone out of their way to create something memorably original using pieces of the beloved MCU franchise. Fan art has long been a way for devotees to show their appreciation for their favorite films, and while the above video may or may not be considered art worthy, it's extremely entertaining. Evans' response quip and good sense of humor shows that the actor doesn't take himself or his role as the Star-Spangled Man too seriously. Eichner even stands to benefit, as the tweet exchange could lead fans of the MCU who might not necessarily be familiar with the comedian to discover him. While the moment as depicted in Civil War is laden with seriousness and sees a battle ensue between Captain America and Iron Man, the verion made by a fan manages to add a whole new comedic spin to an otherwise tense moment.

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Sources: Lissy, Billy Eichner, Chris Evans/Twitter

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