'Captain America: The First Avenger' Trailer 2; 'Patriotic' & 'Vintage' Posters

Captain America First Avenger Trailer 2

The summer blockbuster season is gearing-up and, following the success of the first two out of three Marvel film properties this summer (Thor and X-Men: First Class), movie fans are expecting Captain America: The First Avenger to secure the box office hat-trick.

Now, following the recent Captain America TV spot that provided a quick sound-bite of Hugo Weaving's Red Skull voice, we've got the second trailer for The First Avenger - as well as a glimpse at a couple new First Avenger posters - the special edition retro one-sheet given to the film's cast and crew as well as a new patriotic theater one-sheet.

The initial Captain America: The First Avenger trailer focused heavily on the story of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) - as he made the jump from underdog army reject to the iconic red, white, and blue super-soldier via Project: Rebirth. While the trailer did a great job of establishing the character for non-comic book fans, it provided very little context for the larger story and events that will be featured in the film - offering only a brief glimpse at Red Skull (Weaving) and his HYDRA cronies.

Fortunately, the second Captain America trailer, which debuted a few weeks back at the Hero Complex Film Festival, provides plenty of high-octane action-teasing as well as even more information about the greater plot-points, Avenger tie-ins - not to mention a bit of fan-service.

Check out the second Captain America: The First Avenger trailer below"

Weaving is undoubtedly an ominous presence in this trailer but, even more interesting, is the success of the footage in capturing the period-piece setting - providing both an immersive look at alternate-history 1942 coupled with large-scale action sequences that will still captivate modern audiences. It's a delicate balance, one that helped elevate X-Men: First Class above a simple good verses evil race to save the world. A lot of fans were somewhat skeptical of an Avengers tie-in that was so far removed from the current time-frame, but based on the new footage it's safe to say that Captain America owns the time period - and will provide an intriguing foundation for next summer's super hero mash-up.

Speaking of successfully harnessing 1940s culture, as an added bonus, we've also included the "vintage" Captain America: The First Avenger poster (from comic-book artist Paolo Rivera) that was given as a gift to the entire cast and crew - as well as a new, and especially patriotic, theater one-sheet.

Longtime Captain America fans will undoubtedly notice some similarities between the "vintage" poster and the original cover of Captain American #1.

Check out the two side by side with the new theater poster below (and click for a higher resolution):

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Captain America: The First Avenger will invade theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: Yahoo! Movies & Paolo Rivera [via Hero Complex]

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