Captain America is King of Marvel's Dystopian Future (Make It Stop)

If Steve Rogers being the evil leader of HYDRA isn't enough, Captain America #700 will see the Sentinel of Liberty become the king of the world in a distant, dystopian future.

During 2017, Marvel received much criticism for their big event of the year, Secret Empire, which put Steve Rogers, as well as the rest of the Marvel Universe, in unchartered territory. Instead of fighting Thanos, Ultron, or the Red Skull, the Marvel Universe was pitted against its most celebrated hero: Captain America. Transformed into the evil leader of HYDRA by the Cosmic Cube, Captain America manipulated both heroes and villains in his quest to conquer the world. He engineered the deaths of Agent Coulson, Black Widow, Rick Jones and more before the power of the Cosmic Cube restored the memory of the original Steve Rogers. Upon his return, Rogers defeated HydraCap and got his shield back.

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Marvel has announced that Captain America's 700th anniversary issue will see Cap become the king of a dystopian future in the new storyline, "Out of Time". Written by Mark Waid, "Out of Time" is a story that shows readers what happens when Captain America is once again trapped in suspended animation. Waking up from another icy slumber, Cap finds himself in a dystopian future that desperately needs someone with his skills and courage. To save this world, Cap will need to assemble a whole new squad of Howling Commandos.

With guest appearances from the Hulk and the Thing, the new story will see Cap as a fish out of water fighting to save the future. According to SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, Cap's new journey will take him down a different path. Unlike his time in the modern era, which has Cap as a "couch surfer" living primarily in Avengers Mansion, "Out of Time" will have Cap looking to become "a part of the country."

Marvel set the stage for "Out of Time" at the end of last week's issue, Captain America #697. Following his epic showdown with Kraven the Hunter, Captain America landed in the water and was found frozen in ice. From that moment, fans knew that Marvel was setting up another big story for the Sentinel of Liberty. Fans will have to wait and see where it leads, and how long it will keep Cap away from the Marvel Universe.

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Captain America #700 goes on sale in April. The "oversized" comic will also feature an untold tale of Cap's past with art from Jack Kirby.

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