Exclusive First Look: Captain America #600 Lithograph by Alex Ross

It hasn't happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, but sometime in the not too distant future another character will pick up the vibranium shield and mantle of Captain America, taking over for Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). In the comics, the most iconic example of this was after the events of Civil War when Bucky Barnes - who at the time had recently returned from the "dead" - became Captain America.

This pivotal moment happened in August 2009's Captain America #600 and represents one of the significant events in Marvel Comics history. And with that moment came the amazing cover art by the legendary Alex Ross.

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Alex Ross will have his own booth selling art and prints at San Diego Comic-Con (booth #2415) but so too will Ross' work have a presence at the Sideshow Collectibles booth where his signed Captain America Issue #600 Fine Art Lithograph (limited edition of 175 units) will be fully unveiled. In the meantime, Screen Rant is happy to exclusively debut the first look at this exciting collaboration between Alex Ross Art and Sideshow. Sign up for RSVP info here.

Captain America Issue #600 Fine Art Lithograph by Alex Ross

  • Limited to only 175 pieces
  • Hand Signed by Alex Ross
  • Only available at Sideshow
  • Issue #600 was a pivotal moment in Comic Book history, with Bucky taking up the Mantle as Captain America after Steve Rogers was killed.

Yesterday we also debuted an exclusive first look at the Supergirl Premium Format Figure and Supergirl Fine Art Print by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau from Sideshow Collecibles which will also be at SDCC. Stay tuned fore more in the comics weeks and look forward to our exclusive Comic-Con International coverage, which will include a deeper look at what Sideshow is bringing to the big event!

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