Update: Marvel's Spider-Man Costume Design Revealed by Civil War Hoodie?

A leaked Marvel hoodie may offer a sneak peek at the design of Tom Holland's Spider-Man costume in Captain America: Civil War.

Ultimate Spider-Man Costume Captain America 3 Civil War

Update: Added clearer images of the Spider-Man Civil War hoodie.

Even though Spider-Man is easily one of the most anticipated additions to Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios has been extremely cautious about when and how they intend to reveal their new webslinger to the world. Comic book fans might be eager to get a look at Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; however, it's understandable that Sony and Disney might not be ready to put Peter Parker front and center - considering the character is expected to have a relatively small role in Civil War and casual moviegoers may not understand why another version of Spider-Man is already in the pipeline (only a few short years after "the untold story" fizzled out).

As a result, holding-off a full reveal of Tom Holland in costume as the wall-crawler isn't hurting buzz for the film - which is already riding high on shots of fan-favorite Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man (joined by the Winter Soldier), duking it out. Still, the longer that Marvel Studios waits to reveal Spider-Man, the more likely it is that pre-release merchandise could spoil the surprise. Only a few short days after Funko Pop! toys outed a major Ant-Man spoiler, another Civil War-branded product may provide fans a sneak peek at Spider-Man's new threads.

Spider-Man Tobey Maguire Original Wrestling Costume

The potential reveal comes from SuperBro Movie News! who posted an image of an alleged Civil War Spider-Man hoodie to Twitter. The outlet isn't a verified source of industry scoops and makes no mention of how they came across the Spider-Man hoodie image - so, it goes without saying, take the following photo with a grain of salt (for now).

It's also important to note that, assuming the sweatshirt is even real, the product is just inspired by the Civil War Spider-Man movie costume design - not a replica of an actual hoodie that Peter Parker will don in the film. That might seem obvious to some readers but, given that several Spider-Man comic book (and film) series have seen the hero wear home-made hoodie-like costumes prior to developing an actual superhero suit, there could be some confusion.

Check out the "leaked" hoodie below: