'Captain America 2' Screenwriters Discuss Setting & Themes

Captain America goes full-bore in 'The Avengers'

Chris Evans will don a new-and-improved costume as Steve Rogers/Captain America in next year's The Avengers. However, it currently looks as though we'll have to wait at least two and a half years before Cap gets his next solo venture - which, for now, is just being referred to as Captain America 2.

Captain America screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely - who are also working on the followup - spoke recently about the sequel, while promoting this week's DVD/Blu-ray release of Cap's solo movie (see: the Captain America Blu-ray trailer). Naturally, they also offered some additional information about the superhero's next solo cinematic adventure.

The writing pair has mentioned before that Captain America 2 will take place in both the present-day and W.W. II era - though, how exactly much of the film will be set in either time frame has not really been clarified, up to now.

Here is what Markus had to offer The HD Room, on that topic:

"I think it's safe for us to say that ['Captain America 2' will be] primarily set in the modern day. That seems to have been the biggest question people have been wondering about regarding the sequel... [W]e've been left with room to explore Cap entering the modern day wondering, 'What is all this? What's happened to the world' and so on."

McFeely has this to say, with regards to why more of the Captain America sequel will likely end up taking place in a contemporary setting:

"We made a movie where the world was in context for Steve Rogers. It was a movie where it was a more pure time, where there were clearly black-and-white, right-and-wrong, good-and-evil scenarios. And Cap is a guy who symbolizes that. Now he's in the now, and there is nothing black-and-white. So what do you do with that guy? How does he react to a much more uncertain time? So you're given this huge new palate to work with, but you can keep him the same."

Captain America goes full-bore in 'The Avengers'

Chris Evans previously indicated that Steve Rogers "gets to be a little darker" in The Avengers, seeing how he's (literally) a relic of a bygone era who must adjust to life in a time where everyone he knew and loved is dead. That's not to mention, he'll be in a comparatively morally-ambiguous world where (as McFeely noted) things are often painted in shades of gray. So it only makes sense that Captain America 2 would continue to develop Roger's personal journey in a similar direction.

While Captain America has remained a pure symbol for truth and justice in comic books over the years, arguably some of the most interesting recent storylines have involved the character finding himself stuck in a moral quandary - like, say, when he lead the anti-superhero registration movement in Marvel's "Civil War" crossover story arc. Captain America 2 could easily go in a similar direction by pitting Cap against an opponent who is not merely the epitome of all evil (a la Red Skull), but instead a tragic figure-turned-villain who challenges Steve Roger's moral compass... like, say, previously-rumored antagonists such as The Winter Soldier or even MODOK.

The Winter Soldier is arguably the more likely (and logical) foe for Rogers to do battle with - though, it was actually Markus who raised the (serious) idea of MODOK being featured in Captain America 2. So we'll see if either (or neither) of those bad guys is brought onboard to make Cap's attempt to adjust to modern-day life all the more difficult in that sequel.


Captain America: The First Avenger hits DVD and Blu-Ray on October 25th, 2011.

We shall continue to keep you posted on the status of Captain America 2.

Source: The HD Room

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