'Captain America' Screenwriters Hired To Pen Sequel

Director Joe Johnston comments on Captain America movie images

It's long been a foregone conclusion that Marvel would be producing Captain America 2, with Chris Evans reprising his turn as the iconic superhero. Now the studio heads have officially hired on Captain America: The First Avenger screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely to begin scripting the followup.

This news comes relatively hot on the heels of this week's Captain America Super Bowl trailer, which offered fans the first tantalizing bits of footage from the film, including an all-too-brief look at Hugo Weaving as Red Skull.

Latino Review got the scoop on the Captain America sequel, which will take place in a contemporary setting and chronologically follow the events of The Avengers. This summer's cinematic outing with The First Avenger, by comparison, is set primarily during WWII and will follow young Steve Rogers (Evans) as he evolves from a scrawny soldier who yearns to serve his country, into the super-serum enhanced fighter and symbol of freedom known to the world as Captain America.

While it's obviously too early to do anything but speculate about the possible storylines of Captain America 2, one obvious choice would be that of the Winter Soldier story arc - especially since Sebastian Stan is reportedly already signed on to portray the Captain's sidekick Bucky Barnes for five or six films.

Sebastian Stan as Bucky in Captain America

Marvel already has Iron Man 3 set for release in Summer 2013, and the studio could be gunning to release the Captain America sequel during that season as well. Fellow Avenger Thor gets his own solo vehicle this year as well, though a sequel involving the former Norse god might be held off until 2014, so as to avoid overcrowding (and possibly diminishing the box office receipts) for Marvel's other superhero sequel pics.

An official trailer for Captain America should be arriving in the near future and will hopefully give fans all the more reason to be psyched about the film. In the meantime, feel free to speculate more about the possible directions of Captain America 2 in the comments section below.

Thor arrives in 2D and 3D theaters on May 6th, 2011, and Captain America: The First Avenger will follow suit on July 22nd. The two will join forces next year when The Avengers arrives on May 4th.

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Source: Latino Review

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