First Official Look At Georges St-Pierre in Costume For 'Captain America 2'

George St-Pierre in Captain America 2 Costume Photo

Witch Captain America: The Winter Soldier set to get a new trailer during the Super Bowl this weekend we put up the first part of our set visit coverage for the film. Disney and Marvel Studios released several behind-the-scenes photos for us to share in our coverage and one of them gives us our first look at one of the new villains being introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Baltroc the Leaper.

The French mercenary is a master kickboxer so it was very fitting to see the studio and directors Anthony and Joe Russo bring in an actual world class MMA fighter in Georges St-Pierre to play Baltroc in Captain America 2. It's also fitting that the first official image features St-Pierre in costume, in combat performing Savate (French style of kickboxing).

Baltroc the Leaper (real name: Georges Batroc) has had several run-ins with Captain America (and Falcon) throughout Marvel Comics and while he has no super powers he is as tough as a human can get, much like the actor playing him. In the Ultimate Marvel Comics universe, the character is a thief but this the film's live-action version of Baltroc seems to have him working for whatever mysterious faction is battling S.H.I.E.L.D.. Note the costume similarities from the film to Marvel Comics - much like Chris Evans's WWII costume in Captain America: The First Avenger, Baltroc's outfit embraces a practical-focused design that's faithful in its color scheme.

Baltroc The Leaper in Marvel Comics Costume

And below is the full photo.


Captain America 2 Official Photo - Chris Evans vs Georges St-Pierre

Since St-Pierre has little acting experience, we can expect him to be a Darth Maul type character who's there as a cool physical threat for Captain America and co. and we don't expect him to get much of Baltroc's personality and wit from the books. Still, it's good to see another classic Marvel villain getting some time to shine on screen. Seeing this costume makes us wonder if we'll see Frank Grillo suit up in the classic Crossbones outfit from the books - so far we've only seen him wear practical military gear.


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