Mackie is bulking up, but how close to his classic comic book duds (above, flying alongside Bucky as Captain America) will he look in costume?

“Marvel is really weird, because they don’t let you look at the script. They’re like, ‘Listen, we brought back Robert Downey Jr., so you might want to be down with us (laughs). But there’s going to be a lot of Anthony in a tight suit kicking ass. Everybody wanted me in spandex, and now you’ve got it — hours of it!”

Much like Hawkeye, who went from purple tights and a mask to a much more practical SHIELD vest, expect Mackie’s Falcon to wear a uniform less colorful and more like the Ultimate Falcon outfit. If he looks anything like the below image, Falcon may steal the show:

Ultimate Falcon 570x865 Captain America 2: Anthony Mackie Talks Falcon Workout & Origins

Depending on how much of The Winter Soldier storyline from the books will be maintained in the film, Captain America 2 will serve as a SHIELD movie of sorts with a potential team dynamic comparable to The Avengers – especially if Marvel Studios and directors Anthony & Joe Russo are able to bring Jeremy Renner and Black Widow into the fold, alongside Cap, Falcon and Agent Sharon Carter. Hawkeye and Black Widow may be a stretch at this point, but Falcon’s strong relationship with Captain America (all of them who’ve worn the star-spangled suit) and Agent Carter will most definitely carry through from the books, potentially with a story involving A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics – appearing in Iron Man 3) and appearance by Iron Man.

There’s a lot of ground to cover from The Winter Soldier story arc from the comics and much of it could be reserved for the inevitable Captain America 3 after The Avengers 2. Can you imagine Sebastian Stan’s Bucky taking over the Captain America role (and suit) years down the road? For now, we have at least two key characters from the books making their first appearance. Who are your most excited to see introduced in Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases on April 4, 2014.

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Sources Vulture, MTVCBM

Ultimate Falcon cover art by Kaare Andrews.

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