Caprica, Smallville and Other Things

Fresh off of Jericho, an actor I really enjoyed on NYPD Blue, Esai Morales will be joining the cast of Caprica as Joseph Adama, the father of William Adama and I can't imagine a more suited actor to play the father to Edward James Olmos. If you've ever watched Deadwood, then you might be familiar with Paula Malcomson who's been cast as the female lead of Amanda, A surgeon who turns out to be a double agent in the film

In case you've lived in a cave and not accessed this or other sites chatting about the movie, Caprica is a prequel to Battlestar Galactica (BSG) and is set 50 years before the events that take place in BSG.

Mean while, back at the farm or more accurately, over on Smallville, it looks like Allison Mack who plays Chloe is in financial "debates" with the studio and may be leaving the show. Rosenbaum leaving helps her characters' status on the show and with Kristin Kreuk reprising her role of Lana only in a handful of episodes next year, this puts the Chloe character in the limelight and Mack gets herself some decent leverage.

I'm feeling like I need to fill this post out a little bit more, so here's a non-TV thought for everyone:

Anyone remember Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage? Was anyone fast enough to catch it in the theaters or on Pay-Per-View? Yeah, right. Have you wondered when the direct to VHS sequel is coming out? Last year Avi Arad said that there will be a sequel to Ghost Rider, but that tidbit of info has been countered now with Eva Mendes of all people saying it's been stalled or completely dumped.

It's crazy out there with cast additions and negotiations while we start hoping for sequels to some movies or in some cases, hoping a sequel never happens and all we can do is hope our dollars have spoken where they are spent!

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