What's Up With The Caprica Production Rumors?

So, when you say that a trusted industry insider told you that production on Caprica faces suspension due to script issues, you had better be ready for the storm that brews from that kind of news. According to CinemaSpy, they've had no reason to doubt their source.

But that report prompted Michael Hinman of Airlock Alpha to get to the bottom of the matter, and he did so with a fairly reliable source, Jane Espenson, the executive producer of Caprica.

She said that she's thrilled with the product her writers have put out. She also added that there will be a possibility of a production shut down up in their location of Vancouver... but that would be due to the mass of athletes showing up for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

So if you've heard one thing, and another thing - don't worry. Things are on track for Caprica, according to the trusted sources!

Sources:  CinemaSpy, Alpha Airlock

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