The Caprica Marketing Never Stops

With Caprica due out on the Syfy Channel in early 2010, they've already generated interest in it by releasing screeners of the premiere episode to industry critics and selling the DVD.

Now they're taking it a step farther and taking the Battlestar Galactica prequel to film festivals.

The film festivals they're scheduled to appear at are the upcoming Woodstock Film Festival on October 2nd and 4th and the Austin Film Festival on October 24th

As much as I'm looking forward to the series because I was won over by the pilot, I feel this is starting to border on marketing overkill.

I have to admit that since the network has changed its name to Syfy, the advertising schema has changed a bit - they've gotten more aggressive and pervasive on their own and other networks.

How do you feel about this new avenue of marketing Caprica?  DO you even feel like it is marketing?

Source Chicago Tribune

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