18Marvel Sold Themselves Short

Cannon Films wound up landing the rights to Spider-Man after Roger Corman’s brief option on making the film expired. But while the deal was a little more complicated than most, it still represented something of a bargain.

Basically, Golan and Globus agreed to pay Marvel Comics $225,000 over the option’s five-year

period, along with a percentage of any revenue generated by the film. There was a strict deadline in place, though – if Cannon Films failed to make their Spider-Man movie by April 1990, the rights would revert back to Marvel.

The deal was still good value; to put it in some kind of context: 20th Century Fox paid $2.6 million to get the rights to X-Men back in the 1990s, and even that was seen as something of a steal.

Cannon Films' Spider-Man
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