Original Candyman Actor Has "Mixed Feelings" About Jordan Peele's Reboot

The original Candyman actor Tony Todd has "mixed feelings" about the upcoming reboot. Todd starred in the 1992 horror film as Daniel Robitaille, a.k.a. The Candyman. The film revolved around a graduate student named Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen), who summons The Candyman while researching urban myths and legends. Todd starred in the original cult classic, and also returned for the two sequels Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh and Candyman: Day of the Dead.

It's been almost 20 years since fans were last terrorized by The Candyman, but like all popular slasher properties, there are plans to reboot the franchise. Word broke back in September that Jordan Peele was in talks to produce a Candyman reboot, which seems to be moving forward. While Peele won't be directing the film, he'll act as a producer and co-writer with Nia Dacosta directing. While the last two sequels were less than well-received by fans, this upcoming film is said to be a "spiritual sequel", which means the stories of the last two films will likely be retconned, so that the new film can take place directly after the original. Fans have had a few months to process the news, but now the original Candyman actor has revealed his feelings about the film.

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In an interview with SYFY Wire, Todd expressed that he has "mixed feelings" about the project. When asked about how he felt about the upcoming Candyman movie, Todd revealed, "I have mixed feelings because I thought they were gonna make this 15 years ago. If this had been 10 years ago when I had heard news, I would have been devastated. I would have fought for it. Now I'm in a different place. I've got so many other options that even if they make it without me, which I doubt, the attention the new movie will create will lead folks back to the original [film] because people like to see the source material". He also explained that Candyman is still relevant to this day since some neighborhoods deserve, "Candyman justice". 

As Todd touches upon in his interview when he talks about the film being relevant, Candyman isn't just a murderous soul, as he also somewhat protected the Cabrini-Green housing projects in Chicago. While Todd is mostly known for his role in Candyman, the actor has continued to act in horror projects to this day, appearing as a recurring character in the Final Destination films, as well as recently playing the role of The Barker in Hell Fest.

While details about the next Candyman movie are slim, Todd's interview does spark the question of if he'll be returning to the role he made famous over 25 years ago. Todd is still incredibly popular within the horror community, and even recently won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the New York City Horror Film Festival. His comments in his interview make it seem like he doesn't think the filmmakers will make the project without him, but also seems understanding if they decided to cast someone new. Either way, horror fans are likely to be terrorized all over again when the film is released in a few years.

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Source: SYFY Wire

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