Jordan Peele's Candyman Starting Production in August

Production on Jordan Peele's take on Bernard Rose's 1992 hit film Candyman begins in August. The original film is beloved by horror fans to this day and is considered a contemporary classic. Two sequels followed, but they weren't regarded in the same manner as the original film, which starred Tony Todd as the titular villain. There has been little to no backlash towards the new project, but this can be credited to Peele's involvement, since he has garnered a reputation in the horror genre due to his two successful film's Get Out and Us.

Based on Clive Baker's short story "The Forbidden," the film follows graduate student Helen Lyle as she and her friend explore local myths and legends for a research paper. After doubting the existence of a legend called Candyman, Helen's skepticism leads her to discover that he is more than just a myth. Candyman received critical acclaim for numerous reasons, particularly for tackling social issues and its love story. Peele will be penning his take on the classic film, producing it through his Monkeypaw Production company. It is being called a "spiritual sequel" to the original, but what that means is still unknown. Todd, who initially had mixed feelings about the project, will be participating as well.

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According to the Chicago Tribune, production on Peele's Candyman will commence in Chicago next month. While the original 1992 film had some scenes shot on Los Angeles sound stages, Peele's take will only be shot in the Chicago area. Specific filming locations were not revealed, but production is expected to begin mid-August and end in the fall.

No official plot details have been revealed for the film, but it is going to tackle the rise in toxic fandom and probably a multitude of other relevant issues. Candyman, a former slave, was an artist that was lynched by an angry mob for his relationship with a white woman. How exactly the toxic fandom will tie into the legend of Candyman is unclear. With Production set to begin in a few weeks, expect more details to be revealed regarding what the movie will be centered on. However, Lakeith Stanfield will reportedly play a character named Anthony, a name shared by a child who was kidnapped in Barker's classic film. Perhaps Peele's take will feature the same character trying to research the legend and avenge the death of Heather Lyle, the woman who saved his life.

With production set to begin, horror fans will have their first look at the new Candyman sooner rather than later. Peele is undoubtedly the right person to get a shot at expanding on the mythos of the titular villain, as the content of the original is right up his alley. His involvement is a big selling point for the project, and hopefully, he can resurrect the myth of Candyman properly.

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Source: Chicago Tribune

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