15 Cancelled Superhero Movies You'll Never Get To See

There's several superhero movies released every year and even more in development, but here's 15 of them that were cancelled before they could happen. Whether it's Marvel or DC, superhero movies continue to dominate Hollywood and the box office. DC is fresh off of Aquaman earning over $1 billion at the box office, and Marvel is quickly approaching that benchmark with Captain Marvel.

Although superhero movies have been around for decades, their popularity has never been higher. Films like Superman in 1978 or Batman in 1989 helped prove the potential that they have, while it was X-Men and Spider-Man in the early 2000s that gave them even more commercial appeal. After the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, the amount of superhero movies that hit theaters has skyrocketed (and that doesn't even account for the multiple TV shows that were made). Despite all the success these films have had, not every superhero movie is lucky enough to be made - including some potentially spectacular ones.

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In the latest Screen Rant video, we count down 15 superhero movies that were cancelled before anyone had a chance to see them. Whether it was creative differences, timing, or even bankruptcy, there's plenty of reasons why all these movies were never made. In an alternate world, we could have seen George Miller's Justice League Mortal, James Cameron's Spider-Man, or even Guillermo del Toro's Doctor Strange. These are just a few cancelled projects though, so check out the video featured at the top of this post for more.

The history of many of these projects are well chronicled. Joss Whedon's entire Wonder Woman script became available online to give fans a true understanding of his vision, while the casting and concept art for Miller's Justice League has also previously been revealed. But, none of these potential movies may be as documented as Superman Lives. The movie would've been directed by Tim Burton, written by Kevin Smith, and star Nicholas Cage as Superman. Despite it being cancelled, the documentary The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? gave fans the chance to truly dive in to the fabled film.

Even though many of these movies sound fascinating in their own right, many of their concepts and characters managed to live on and receive a new interpretation. We may not have seen Wesley Snipes star in Black Panther, but he did get to play Blade and allowed Marvel Studios to make the record breaking and Oscar-winning film last year. Likewise, Peyton Reed never got to make his Fantastic Four, but he's taken over the Ant-Man franchise in the MCU - and could perhaps help introduce the family into the universe. There's also cases like the Magneto origin film, which instead of happening all on its own, was folded into X-Men: First Class.

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