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(11/16) Update: Rubicon and Running Wilde

Each fall, over 50 new and returning television series hit the air on network television alone. Unfortunately, the addition of new series, combined with old favorites, puts the television viewing audience in an interesting predicament.

Should viewers continue to tune into shows they’ve become accustomed to watching or replace it with a new series that might not last the season?

Because of that reoccurring rhetorical question, many shows beginning their freshman year, along with a few returning series, aren’t able to deliver respectable audience numbers. While each network has their own sliding scale regarding what exactly respectable numbers represent, the outcome is still the same. Series that are unable to garner a large enough audience for the networks (to justify their respective production budgets and time slots) are cut. While there are a few exceptions to that rule, this is typically the case.

With that, many viewers are left wondering whether their new or returning series will continue past the initial episode order. Even though the Internet has become a veritable treasure trove for television information, such news about a particular series that you may be interested in can easily slip through the cracks.

In an attempt to provide you with every new (and some returning) series that have already been renewed or canceled, we have compiled a comprehensive list detailing everything you might want to know about a particular series. From ratings to episode orders, as well as where you can continue to watch your favorite canceled series (once it has been moved from its original time slot), we have attempted to provide you with all the information that you need.

We've also provided a small paragraph explaining why a particular series was or was not canceled. Additionally, we'll speculate on whether or not a series that was picked up for a full season order will return for a second season.

Below, we have separated this list in three separate categories (in alphabetical order): Canceled, Full Season Order, and Undecided.



TV Status Canceled


Caprica (SyFy)


Aired: Fridays @9pmWhen the remaining episodes will air: 1st quarter 2011 (new episodes will continues to air in Canada) Total episodes to air: 18 Average rating: .822 million viewersFate: Canceled on October 27 Explanation: After the ratings sensation that was Battlestar Galactica, SyFy attempted to continue that success with the spin-off/prequel series Caprica. Unfortunately, without the space battles and Cylon butt-kicking, viewers just weren't interested. After returning this fall after a brief hiatus, the series was in a serious ratings decline and just wasn't able to recover. Good thing there's already another Battlestar Galactica spin-off set to air next year.


My Generation (ABC)

My Generations

Aired: Thursdays @8pm Total episodes aired: 2Average rating: 4.58 million viewers Fate: Canceled on October 1 Explanation: While easily the most ambitious new series of the new fall season, My Generation failed to deliver interesting drama that took advantage of the unique story-arc time-jumps. When the series premiere failed to deliver a respectable audience, ABC took notice. After the ratings of the second episode declined immensely, ABC cut it loose.


Outlaw (NBC)


Aired: Fridays @9pm Total episodes to air: 8When the remaining episodes will air: Saturdays @8pm Average rating: 4.93 million viewers Fate: Canceled on October 6 Explanation: Even though Jimmy Smits has proven in the past to be television gold, he just couldn't make it work with his new series Outlaw. With the television landscape already full of legal dramas and NBC still recovering from last year's late night debacle, there just wasn't an audience to support this type of series.


Lone Star (Fox)

Lone Star

Aired: Tuesdays @10pm Total episodes aired: 2Average rating: 3.96 million viewers Fate: Canceled September 28 Explanation: Lone Star was easily the best new show of the season. Unfortunately, the television audience didn't agree. After a low-rated series premiere, Fox gave the freshman series one last chance to prove itself. Since Lone Star was up against Dancing with the Stars, Hawaii Five-0 and Monday Night Football, it just couldn't deliver a large enough audience to allow Fox to justify continuing with the series.


Rubicon (AMC)

Aired: Sundays @8pm Total episodes aired: 13Average rating: 1.19 million viewers Fate: Canceled November 11 Explanation: Rubicon started off strong. With 2 million viewers tuning into its premiere, AMC dubbed the conspiracy series as "the newest jewel in the AMC crown." Unfortunately, that jewel's shine began to fad as viewers stopped watching. Even though an unofficial second season was planned, AMC had no other choice but to cancel the series, as it crept below the 1 million viewers per episode mark.


Undercovers (NBC)


Airs: Wednesdays @8pm Total episodes to air: 10 Average rating: 6.46 million viewers Fate: Canceled on November 4 Explanation: When NBC announced that they were bringing a new show from J.J. Abrams to their network, everyone was excited to see what it would be. Unfortunately, once everyone saw what Undercovers was, they realized that this was less of a new series and more of a rehash of Alias. Except that it was missing the interesting storylines and convincing premise.


The Whole Truth (ABC)

The Whole Truth

Airs: Wednesdays @10pm Total episodes to air: 13 Average rating: 4.53 million viewers Fate: Canceled on October 26 Explanation: When I originally compared this ABC series to the failed Fox show Justice, I had no idea just how close that comparison would be. Like Justice, The Whole Truth couldn't find an audience with their twist on the typical legal drama. While the series was canceled, ABC will still produce and air the full 13 episodes in its original time slot.


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