15Tron: Ascension

Jared Leto Tron reboot

Tron fans might find themselves upset to know that there was almost a third installment in the Tron series of films. Tron: Ascension (or Tron III) would have acted as a sequel to Tron: Legacy.

In 2013, director Joseph Kosinski was not only attached to the project,

but also spoke about it in an interview, saying that the movie was in its early stages and that it would build off of what happened in the last five minutes of Legacy.

Two years later, though, Disney scrapped the idea, with sources admitting that the film never received the green light in the first place. Supposedly, though, both Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund agreed to return to their roles from the previous film, with the possible addition of Jared Leto to the cast.

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