Can You Keep A Secret? Movie Trailer Stars Superman Actor Tyler Hoechlin

Can You Keep A Secret? Movie trailer stars Superman actor Tyler Hoechlin. Originally published in 2003 as author Sophie Kinsella’s first novel apart from her highly successful Shopaholic series, Can You Keep A Secret? has proved highly successful in its own right and is now on its way to theaters this September.

In the novel, the story follows the exploits of Emma Corrigan, a young businesswoman who is busy trying to work her way up the corporate ladder at Panther Cola – a successful soda company that is headquartered in London. One day when Emma is on a flight, a particularly heavy bit of turbulence hits, prompting Emma to believe that the plane is going to crash. Frantic and flustered, Emma vents her biggest secrets to the complete stranger seated next to her, a young man called Jack. Not long after Emma succumbs to her anxiety and revelatory purge, the plane rights itself and Emma is left embarrassed at having said so much to a complete stranger. Things only get worse however, when Emma eventually realizes that the man seated next to her was Jack Harper, the founder of Panther Cola. From then on, it’s a challenging state of affairs for Emma as she learns to navigate her embarrassment along with the romantic relationship that is soon kindled between Jack and her.

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The film adaptation stars some familiar faces – especially for fans of Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash, in which Tyler Hoechlin has played Superman. Hoechlin plays Jack, the young executive who unwittingly learns all of Emma’s secrets. Playing the role of Emma is Alexandra Daddario, who some will recognize from the 2017 film adaptation of Baywatch as well as American Horror Story. You can check out the first full trailer for Can You Keep A Secret?, courtesy of Vertical Entertainment's YouTube channel, below:

This isn’t the first time that both Hoechlin and Daddario have worked together on the same project. Back in 2011, the two had small roles in the Farrelly Brothers comedy Hall Pass. This time around, however, their career paths have put them opposite one another in the film’s lead roles, with director Elise Duran making her feature film directorial debut on the adapted romantic comedy. Although the novel was set in England with British characters, the film adaptation takes place in America, with an American cast. For diehard fans of the novel, this might make a difference, especially since the American and UK versions of the book had slight variations in their stories.

All in all, however, this looks to be a pretty standard rom-com. For fans of rom-coms, that’s great news, but for those who read the book and were waiting for a big-screen adaptation, the entire thing might feel a bit underwhelming. Nonetheless, the most important thing here is that Can You Keep A Secret? was intended to be a fun, guilt-free mix of romance and comedy, and that’s exactly what the film adaptation looks to have also achieved here.

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Source: Vertical Entertainment

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