Cameron Monaghan: Jerome Won't Be in Gotham Mid-Season Premiere

Despite featuring heavily in the marketing, Cameron Monaghan's Jerome won't be returning in the Gotham mid-season premiere. Since FOX's Gotham barely took a break over the holidays, its halfway point ended up coming early in the spring season. But next week will see the end of its hiatus and the return to what's been the show's most riveting season. More self-aware of its campy nature than ever, the series has been unabashedly introducing more and more of the Batman mythos onto the screen - and that could soon mean the proper debut of the Joker on Gotham.

In the meantime, Cameron Monaghan has won over fans and critics alike with his demented Jerome, a character who strongly resembles the Clown Prince of Crime. It's been a year since he's properly been on screen, but the mid-season finale of Gotham teased his return as Penguin's new neighbor in Arkham Asylum. Naturally, the popular character has been all over promotion for the show's return, with the Gotham mid-season premiere trailer spotlighting the villain along with the all-new Poison Ivy. However, it looks like fans will have to wait an extra week to see Jerome return to TV.

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Cameron Monaghan posted to Instagram to spread the word of Gotham's return next week, but he also revealed his character Jerome won't arrive until the following episode. Though Gotham fans will likely be disappointed about the wait, Monaghan does tease some big things to come.

Gotham has certainly never been afraid to be weird, as the recent inclusion of Professor Pyg has shown. What Monaghan could be teasing, then, certainly sounds intriguing. Even more exciting, but he seems to confirm Jerome will be a big part of the rest of the season. His appearances have been sporadic so far, but even with another Joker on the way it's good to know Monaghan will have a chance to continue making his mark.

Of course, we've heard Jerome will never be a regular on Gotham. But his chaotic nature, much like Joker's, means he's best used sparingly. While Jerome won't be the main villain of the show anytime soon, watching his evolution into one of Gotham's biggest bads has been entertaining. Even Mark Hamill loves Jerome, and that's high praise from one of the most iconic voices of the Joker himself. Though it may take a little extra time for Jerome and Monaghan to return, Gotham will certainly be the better for it.

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Gotham season 4 continues next Thursday, March 1 on FOX.

Source: Cameron Monaghan

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