• 15 Cameos You Forgot About From The Arrowverse

    Who doesn’t love a good cameo? Marvel may have the king of cameos in Stan Lee, but DC Comics has proven time and time again that it can keep up with their rivals. Especially in the television universe, which has been a source of joy to fans around the globe. The Arrowverse recently celebrated a huge success with the four-hour crossover event "Crisis on Earth X." While the event didn't break any viewership records, it was very well done.

    It goes without saying that people enjoy seeing familiar faces pop up in their favorite TV-shows and seeing them interacting with different characters. Apart from the occasional appearance by one of the good or bad guys from a different Arrowverse show: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow had plenty of other cameos to be proud of. These included impressive actors and actresses taking on the roles of some of DC’s most iconic characters.

    Some of the cameos are truly unforgettable, while others are a bit harder to recall. Nonetheless, all of them have played a part in the development of this particular superhero multiverse.

    Here are the 15 Cameos You Forgot About in the Arrowverse

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    Lynda Carter - Supergirl

    Admittedly, it is quite difficult to forget about Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter took on the role of the iconic female superhero in 1975, and would continue to portray the title character in the Wonder Woman TV-series for three seasons.

    Carter joined Supergirl in season two in a no-less-iconic role as the President of the United States. However, Olivia Marsdin is not your mother’s president. She is an alien from the planet Durla, whose hope for the future is to ensure that humans and aliens will co-exist on Earth in peace.

    Olivia is everything a president should be: charismatic, intelligent, empathetic, kind, and striving for equality amongst all inhabitants of Earth. Supergirl could not have chosen a better actress to tackle that role.

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    Mark Hamill - The Flash

    Mark Hamill has had a plethora of iconic roles throughout his career, such as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise. He also voiced The Joker in several animated programs and video games, such as Batman: The Animated Series. Hamill also took on the role of The Trickster in the 1990 CBS TV-series The Flash, which he would ultimately reprise in the modern reboot.

    Hamill joined The Flash during its first season in 2015, once again portraying The Trickster, James Jesse. The psychotic terrorist with a keen interest in advanced chemistry and bombs, was caught by police before the particle accelerator exploded.

    He continued to be a threat to Barry and his team after teaming up with his son Axel, before once again ending up at Iron Heights.Hamill returned as The Trickster from Earth Three in the season three episode called “The Present”.

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    Robert Knepper - Arrow/The Flash

    Whether you remember Robert Knepper as Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell from Prison Break, Samuel Sullivan from Heroes, or Angus McDonough from iZombie - you will likely remember him as the bad guy.

    In Arrow’s second season, Knepper takes on the role of William Tockman, better known as the Clock King. The episode “Time of Death” has the expert hacker going up against Team Arrow, after organizing a bank robbery to cover the cost of his sister’s treatment of cystic fibrosis.

    Tockman reappears in The Flash’s first season episode “Power Outage”, where he continues to cause havoc by going up against the local police force. This includes Joe and Eddie, who he wounds critically, before he is shot by Iris and eventually taken into custody.

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    Patrick J. Adams - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    Patrick J. Adams is probably best known for his portrayal of the college dropout turned merciless lawyer Mike Ross, in the USA series Suits. Ross regularly feuds with frenemy Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht, and romances Britain’s princess-to-be Meghan Markle, who plays Rachel Zane.

    What Adams is less known for is his short but sweet cameo on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Adams portrayed Hourman, a.k.a Rex Tyler, the leader of the Justice Society of America. Tyler appeared at the end of season one, warning the Legends of their impending death.

    The team meets Tyler and the remaining members of the JSA again as they travel to 1942. After a successful mission with the Legends, Tyler is attacked and killed by the Reverse Flash.

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    Doug Jones - Arrow/The Flash

    Doug Jones, not to be confused with the politician of the same name, has portrayed the finest superhuman creatures you could possible imagine. Examples of his impressive work include the role of Abe Sapien in the 2000's Hell Boy franchise, and more recently, his performance as the amphibian man in Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water.

    It is almost a shame for Jones to have portrayed a somewhat human being in the Arrowverse, since he is so well known for his monsters.  Jones first appeared in the Arrow episode “Broken Arrows” as Deathbolt/Jake Simmons. Simmons is a meta-human from Central City who has the ability to channel electricity and generate plasma.

    Team Arrow captured Simmons and sent him back to Central City, where he is eventually killed by Leonard Snart for owing him money in The Flash’s first season episode “Rogue Air.”

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    Jeri Ryan - Arrow

    Jeri Ryan is no stranger to genre television programs. She has won awards for her portrayal as the former Borg named Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager.

    Her appearance on Arrow was a much shorter affair. Ryan appeared in the season four episode “The Candidate” as Jessica Danforth, an old family friend of the Queens. When Jessica announces her intentions of running for mayor and making Star City a safer place, she is attacked by Lonnie Machin.

    After Machin threatens and kidnaps her daughter, she drops out of the race. By the end of the episode, Green Arrow decides to pursue the mayoral office himself. Arrow is not Ryan’s first stint in the superhero genre, as the actress also appeared in one episode of the 1990 The Flash television series as Felicia Kane.

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    Darren Criss - Supergirl / The Flash

    Darren Criss became a break-out star due to his performance as the openly-gay and very talented head Blaine Anderson on Glee. He has also worked on American Horror Story: Hotel in 2015, and will portray Andrew Cunanan in the highly-anticipated American Crime Story: Versace.

    Criss once again showed off his musical talents when he appeared in a two-night crossover between The Flash and Supergirl earlier this year. He played Music Meister, a meta-human with inexplicable powers, who is able to capture both Kara and Barry. Meister transports them into a shared hallucination in which their lives have taken on musical forms.

    With the help of John Barrowman, Jeremy Jordan, and Carlos Valdes, Criss delivered one of the best performances of the song “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”.

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    Billy Zane - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    Billy Zane often plays the guy you just love to hate. The best example without a doubt his portrayal of the arrogant Caledon Hockley, Rose’s misogynistic fiancé in James Cameron’s Titanic.

    Zane continues that tradition on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, where he took on the role of P.T. Barnum, owner of the Roving Museum of Freaks and Hypnotic Hippodrome in the season three episode “Freakshow”. The showman had acquired a saber-toothed tiger, an anachronism that the Legends are trying to rid the timeline of, before they themselves become the objects of his interest.

    Barnum is also the main character, portrayed by Hugh Jackman, in 20th Century Fox’s The Greatest Showman. With a lot less singing, Zane's Barnum reunited with Titanic co-star Victor Garber.

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    Rutina Wesley - Arrow

    On True Blood, Rutina Wesley’s character, Tara Thornton, was a fan favorite. Unfortunately, her character on Arrow wasn’t quite as beloved. Liza Warner was introduced as part of the anti-vigilante task force established by the SCPD in the second season. She made her first appearance in the season four episode “Beyond Redemption”.

    Liza and five other anti-vigilante task force members decided to go rogue and got involved with drug trafficking. During one of their heists, they come across Team Arrow and Captain Lance, who they try to manipulate into acquiring drugs left at a SCPD disposal facility. Unsurprisingly, their plan fails and Warner lands in jail.

    In the fifth season of Arrow Warner finds welcome allies in Carrie Cutter and China White. The three women break out of Iron Heights and head to Star City for revenge.

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    Emily Kinney - Arrow/The Flash

    Another actress that showed off her talents on both Arrow and The Flash was Emily Kinney. She first appeared in The Flash’s first season as Brie Larvan, also known as Bug-Eyed Bandit. The former employee at Mercury Labs controls an army of robotic bees.

    The episode “All-Star Team-Up” also features Arrow’s Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer, seeking Cisco Ramon’s help with the A.T.O.M exosuit. Larvan quickly becomes a nemesis of Smoak's due to her engineering abilities and the two continue their rivalry in Arrow’s fourth season.

    In “Beacon of Hope” Larvan escapes from Iron Heights to go after Smoak’s bio-chip implant, but is unsuccessful. Emily Kinney has previously made her mark in the television world as Beth Greene on The Walking Dead.

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    Rahul Kohl - Supergirl

    To most people, Rahul Kohli is the witty best friend to the undead and moody Liv Moore on iZombie. The actor also spent a short time on Supergirl’s second season. Kohli played Jack Spheer, the CEO of Spheerical Industries and the developer of a nanobot project meant to cure every illness, called Biomax.

    As we learn in the episode “Ace Reporter,” he initially developed the project together with ex-girlfriend Lena Luthor, but broke up with her when she decided to take over Luthor Corp.

    Spheer then tested the project on himself, merged with them, and ultimately lost his own free will. The nanobots were controlled by his business partner Beth Breen. In the end, Lena had to make the difficult decision of overriding the mainframe of the nanobots, killing Spheer in the process.

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    JR Bourne - Arrow

    On Teen Wolf, JR Bourne played a devoted father and werewolf hunter, who quickly split fans on whether he was a good or a bad guy. On Arrow he leaves no doubt that he is part of the villains-of-the-week category.

    Bourne appeared in the show's fourth season as the meta-human Jeremy Tell, also known as Double Down. Similarly to other metas, Tell was affected by the particle accelerator explosion and his affinity for tattoos was turned into a weapon. He is able to produce razor-sharp playing cards from the tattoos on his skin, which he uses plenty of in his fight against Team Arrow in the episode “Restoration”.

    This isn’t the first time JR Bourne plays a part in the DC universe. He appeared in an episode of Smallville in 2010 as Dr. Bernard Chisholm.

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    Amanda Pays - The Flash

    Another actress that reprised her role from the 1990s television series of The Flash was Amanda Pays. Pays played the role of Dr. Christina McGee, a scientist working at Star Labs and Barry Allen's closest confidante and love interest.

    Throughout season one and two of CW’s The Flash, Pays returns as Dr. McGee, a close friend and former co-worker of Harrison Wells. After splitting with STAR Labs, McGee founded Mercury Labs, whose high-tech inventions make the facility a target for thieves of all kinds; among them Reverse Flash and Black Siren.

    In the original time line, Eobard Thawne’s Reverse Flash was able to kill Dr.McGee. However, after Barry’s manipulation of time, she was now able to flee the scene and survive. This leaves room for Pays to return in the future.

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    Cody Rhodes - Arrow

    Most of us would expect to see pro-wrestler Cody Rhodes fighting off another man in the ring, rather than in a scripted television program. Regardless, during his short stint on Arrow, Rhodes went up against Green Arrow as the drug-dealing crime boss Derek Sampson.

    Sampson appeared in the show’s fifth season and made Team Arrow’s life a lot more difficult with his specialized drug called Stardust. Due to exposure to a variety of chemicals, Sampson's genetic structure was altered, giving him superhuman strength, endurance, and the ability to accelerate his healing process.

    The name of the drug is a nice nod to Rhodes' former WWE persona, Stardust, whom Stephen Amell feuded with in the summer of 2015. Amell and Stardust even went head-to-head in a full-blown tag team match at the WWE SummerSlam event.

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    Aisha Tyler, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, and Julie Chen - Supergirl

    You probably know these women better as the people behind the CBS talk-show The Talk. But did you remember that they were also featured on Supergirl in 2016? In the episode “Fallen”, National City’s toughest business woman Cat Grant appeared on The Talk to discuss Supergirl.

    Grant praises the city’s favorite super hero, especially for her kindness and bravery. This is highlighted by a sequence of Supergirl saving a young girl from bullies. Grant also bickers with Sharon Osbourne, who states that Osbourne looked a lot younger than she thought she would. It makes for an awkward but entertaining exchange.

    Tyler, Osbourne, Underwood, Gilbert and Chen are the only cameos who appeared as themselves rather than a fictional character. With Supergirl having aired on CBS during its first season, it was surely an easy cameo to arrange.


    Did we miss any actors who made cameos in the Arrowverse?

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