Call of Duty: WWII Release Date & Co-op Details Revealed

[Updated: Call of Duty: WWII's trailer was released alongside details of all-new multiplayer features and co-op!]

Not even bundling Modern Warfare Remastered in with the lead platform version of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare could prevent sales for last year's Call of Duty from sinking compared to the previous year's Black Ops 3. Publisher Activision and developer Infinity Ward didn't have the best timing.

It started with the very first trailer for Infinite Warfare, revealing a game set even deeper into the future than the previous slate of games featuring near-future tech, something a significant segment the fanbase had been vocal against, instead demanding a back-to-basics boots-on-the-ground game like the old school Call of Duty games.

This began the infamous "dislike campaign" where Infinite Warfare trailers set records for most dislikes. It didn't help that Electronic Arts and DICE came out a week later with debut announcement trailer for their competitor product, the WWI themed Battlefield 1 which blew the COD trailer away. And this was right after one of the Battlefield devs took some shots at Call of Duty, throwing fuel on the COD vs. BF flame war.

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Aside: This tweet fromGearbox Software's Randy Pitchford may be a minor negative mark on the start of Call of Duty: WWII marketing:

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