Ex-Naughty Dog Devs Helping With New Call of Duty's Story

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The new Call of Duty game will have some added pedigree behind its campaign mode, as Infinity Ward developer "Miked" revealed during a Twitch stream that ex-Naughty Dog developers have been working closely on the upcoming game's story. Naughty Dog is a studio renowned for its ability to craft some of gaming's most compelling narratives, and having talent who have come from that studio assigned to the narrative beats of an upcoming Call of Duty campaign should raise expectations for the newest game's story when its revealed.

The newest Call of Duty is almost definitely Modern Warfare 4, which has seemingly been confirmed in almost every way possible outside of official acknowledgement from publisher Activision. The new Call of Duty was on display last month for a select few celebrities like NFL superstars, and it's clear that the game is at least in a playable state. With E3 2019 coming soon, it seems a certainty that before the conference's week-long festivities come to a close, fans will have confirmation of the future of the franchise — and potentially a lot more, if the game is as far along in development as it appears to be.

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For many, the return of a Call of Duty campaign mode would already be welcome news in the first place, but developer Miked revealed on his Twitch stream that fans have even more reason to look forward to the upcoming game's narrative mode. During a stream in which the Infinity Ward dev played Apex Legends, he revealed that the next Call of Duty game will unexpectedly have input from veterans of one of gaming's most beloved story-telling studios:

"We have some ex-Naughty Dog guys working with us right now, with the story and stuff - they're helping a lot with, you know, story stuff, and it's been fun working with them."

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It's a quick clip and it's not much to go on, but it doesn't need to be, either: just the revelation that some of the best story-telling talent in the industry has been helping "a lot" with the next Call of Duty's campaign mode and story beats should be enough to ramp hype for the title up even further than it already is. That's impressive, since gaming's worst-kept secret appears to be that the next title will be Modern Warfare 4, a sequel that fans have been craving for years and a designation that carries a lot of weight within the franchise for producing many of the series' best titles.

Still, fans should likely remain cautious of the new Call of Duty. It's obviously got a lot going for it at this point, but we've seen absolutely nothing of what gameplay looks like, and in a world that's being dominated by battle royale titles that bring something innovative to their genre when they debut, it appears well past-due that Call of Duty iterates in a similar fashion. Until we see something new from Activision, Infinity Ward, and the rest of the teams working on the new Call of Duty, it's best to assume the worst and hope for the best in the interim.

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Source: Miked/Twitch

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